Digicel Barbados enters Residential Broadband Market at Key Opportunity

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless communications standard designed to provide 30 to 40 megabit-per-second data rates. WiMAX can provide at-home or corporate internet broadband connectivity across whole cities or countries. In many cases this has resulted in competition in markets which typically only had access through an existing incumbent DSL or fibre operators as is the case in Barbados.

A small box called a CPE (Customer Premised Equipment) is put on the outside of the premises and this communicates with Digicel’s WiMAX network. Inside a WiFi router is installed which enables WiFi or Lan connectivity at broadband speeds to the internet.

{FILE IMAGE} The CEO for Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean added all queries should be directed to 262-2088 to learn more about this service.

{FILE IMAGE} The CEO for Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean added all queries should be directed to 262-2088 to learn more about this service.

Digicel began roll-out of its WiMax network in 2009, initially for corporate customers to provide a more reliable, lower contention or dedicated broadband solutions. Australian Tim Maher, Head of Business Solutions for Digicel Barbados has successfully developed this business and this year Digicel expanded its WiMAX network which now has 60% geographical coverage in Barbados. This combined with the recent upgrading of Digicel transmission network has allowed Digicel to offer internet broadband solutions to residential customers as well as corporate customers.

Digicel CEO for Barbados, Barry O’Brien, commented that this WiMAX network is a key part of Digicel’s strategy to become not only the #1 Mobile Service Provider but the #1 total Telecommunications company;-

“This WiMAX network now enables Digicel to provide residential broadband solutions and it will also be the mechanism over which Digicel provides landline services. The entry into the landline market over WiMAX is made possible by Digicel receiving a full domestic services license from the Barbados Regulator in September 2012. Digicel is expecting to launch landline services in April 2013 with residential broadband services available from Monday 17th December.”

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  1. I’ll have to look out for this in April.


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