Farm To Table 3

Slow Food’s Farm-to-Table Barbados dinner series creating stronger linkage between local farms, consumers & restaurateurs

Slow Food’s Farm-to-Table Barbados dinner series creating stronger linkage between local farms, consumers & restaurateurs

Farm To Table 3
Slow Food supports the principles behind organic agriculture, such as promoting methods that have a low impact on the environment and reducing the use of pesticides. Yet Slow Food argues that organic agriculture, when practiced extensively, is similar to conventional monoculture cropping, hence that organic certification alone should not be considered a sure sign that a product is grown sustainably.

On the eve of the third annual Food, Wine and Rum Festival, Slow Food Barbados launched its very own culinary event at the trendy Cin Cin By The Sea to signal a shift in thinking as it relates to the local agricultural and culinary sectors.

Barbados recently signed on as the 161st nation to offer the globally-recognised Slow Food platform to seek out greater food security, food sovereignty and food justice for local farmers, producers, and consumers.

The guests of the sold-out event including Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, celebrity chefs Paul Yellin and Aaron McCargo Jr. who enjoyed a six-course tasting menu with wine pairing of meals prepared from produce sourced from local and organic farms.

Slow Food Barbados Co-Founders Ian McNeel and John Hunte

As part of its commitment to recognising the importance of food security to the island, the newly formed Slow Food Barbados, through its Farm to Table Dinner Series, will look to foster a greater relationship between local farmers and restaurateurs.

Co-founding member of the Barbados Chapter, Ian McNeel observed, “We need to reconnect Barbados with where our food comes from and how it is produced so we can understand the implications of the choices we, as consumers, make about the foods we put on our plates and encourage consumers and chefs to choose good, clean and fair food, from local, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.”

Mango salsa with cilantro and tomato on crispy plantain chips

The dinner series will continue to host similar farm-to-table events across the island during this upcoming winter season and into 2013 with the help of participating local chefs. These chefs will continue to highlight local farms and fishers by crafting culinary dishes using local and organic farm and ocean ingredients.

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