Hallowe’en via Anime Kon 2012: F**k the Batmobile, where’s Strawberry Samurai?


Strawberry Samurai is a creative design agency. Our strengths lie in producing ads that make people tear them out of magazines, making posters that people want to steal off the walls, art directing commercials that move the audience to tears, pioneering viral marketing that makes it to the local and regional news and uploading interactive that is so distracting that it makes companies block the websites from its employees.

We are Design Warriors. We will escort your brand to the highest level of consumer loyalty. We believe in using ideas to differentiate and inspire. We believe in creativity, relationships and common sense marketing. And we are certain that while we may not be able to outspend our opponents, we certainly can outsmart them.

There are two types of people in the world. There are those who are simply happy enough to let life happen around them. They take what is given to them, never questioning and never asking for more. Then there are people like us. We are never satisfied with settling. We believe there is more, we demand more and we are prepared to fight for it. We take risks, we accept challenges and we don’t run into them blindly without first arming ourselves with the necessary intelligence and creativity necessary to outwit, outwork, and outlast the opposition. Yes, there will always be somebody better than you. Someone who is more experienced, or more talented. But we believe that it all comes down to who wants it more, and who’s wiling to fight to get it. We are willing.

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