Barbados’ Health Minister, Preaching to Practice: 1,701 Accidents per year – any Text related?

One day a mother and her son went to visit Gandhi. The mother needed help from one of the world’s greatest leaders.
It turns out, the little boy had an obsession with sugar and she went to seek Gandhi’s help on how to break her son’s sweet addiction.
Gandhi, my son consumes far too much sugar, will you please tell him it’s bad for his health?
After listening to the mother’s plea patiently, Gandhi refused to give the boy advice and told her to return in two weeks.
The mother left somewhat disappointed at Gandhi’s request.
Two weeks latter they returned.
Gandhi pulled the child aside and told him it would be best if he quit eating so much sugar. The boy did his best to cut back on sweets.
The mother then pulled Gandhi aside curious as to why he needed two weeks.

Gandhi smiled to her and said “Two weeks ago I had an obsession with sugar. I needed the time to see if I could cut back myself.”
And here a powerful lesson can be learned.

Why have I brought this item into play? Because just like Calvin Noel in the video you’re about to watch, I was also guilty of checking or texting on my phone while in traffic, worse? In motion! So before I can carry the story, I really need to look at what I do… It is very difficult to resist too!

Having seen the Public Service videos, it made me think many times over, and oddly enough this week, I was stationary at the bank, yet nearly rammed by a guy on his cell as he was reversing into the space adjacent to me! Heading home from another assignment, I was trapped behind another car moving extra slow – did it have engine problems? Only at the wheel, yet another male on a cell!

{L to R} Key organisers in the movement, Andre Thomas – Mktg Mgr at Mount Gay Rum; Donville Inniss – Minister of Health; Paul “The Surfer” Bourne of the B’dos Rally Club & Creator Calvin Noel

Being fair, women are as guilty when you look at today’s edition of the Saturday Sun, there are 2 girls at Graduation busily chatting via Blackberry, why? If they cannot give the Valedictorian attention then how can they pay attention on the road if they have Licenses?

What does it take for us to learn? For Calvin, a scary near-strike close to 2 Mile Hill made him crate the campaign which is now taking off on Facebook!

Significant members of the Barbados Rally Club are on board, in fact Paul “The Surfer” Bourne was present for the launch… The statistics from Donville Inniss are alarming;-

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