An anti-bully testimonial & stinging commentary on Public Sector negativity; “Chrissy” – now not only at Olympus, but in the UK {MILD SPOILERS}

{Ed’s. NoteIf at one point the article seems repetitive or redundant in using a crew member’s job title, they took umbrage at the use of an alternative to break up the monotony, I know it’s bad writing or News Composition when a single phrase is used over and over and over – even had a Ding Dong fight at CBC once over the same kind of repetition in a badly written story – but what can I say?}

Chrissy” is a moving, inspirational and uplifting drama about courage, faith, bullying – “Chrissy” Doesn’t take no for an answer!

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite (left) supposedly bullied and beat up Education Minister Ronald Jones (centre) according to when Minister Jones spoke – maybe this is why Peter Boyce, the hero of “Chrissy,” is laughing?

Starring Mikaylah Harrison, Cara O’Donnell with veterans Mac Fingall, Sophia Thomas & Peter Boyce; when Mac recently spoke at a special screening of the local film, he urged the Education Ministry to revisit their method of allowing pupils to gain qualifications {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Fifty per cent only means you know half the work, Mac told Education Minister Ronald Jones who was present, that you need at least 70 per cent as a pass!

Mac Fingall, a former teacher, sees the picture as a lesson for Barbadians to be kinder to each other and stop the verbal and emotional abuse {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

In watching the entire film, not just be aware of the arts he contributed Mac sat and cried as he watched and it made him realise how what is called Bullying is not just in schools but at work and at homes and it needs to stop NOW!

Cara O’Donnell & Makayla Harrison – Cara is 11 while “Chrissy” is only 10, the feature presentation is now on at Olympus at Sheraton Mall and continues daily, not only in Barbados but Canada, USA and in the UK…

CHRISSY, an inspirational Barbadian film for the entire family will premiere in London on Monday, November 26 at 7p.m. at The Tabernacle 35 Powis Square London W11 2AY

The many, many people involved in making “Chrissy” happen, they filled the front area at the olympus

CHRISSY was composed with the younger age group in mind. It encourages primary school children to achieve academically and to their fullest potential.

Marcia Weekes commented in a recent interview that this film “afforded me the great opportunity of working with some of the best Barbadian actors. It was a joy to work as a team to create this Caribbean masterpiece which shares a very inspirational message of faith, determination and hope to the world.”

Ed Bushell, President of the Barbados Association of Retired People (BARP), is the proud grandfather of Makayla Harrison, the persistent and smart heroine of “Chrissy.”

Executive Director, (Marcia’s hubby) Dave Weekes added, “ … although CHRISSY is a Barbadian product, it is evident that we as a Caribbean people can work together to create product which can impact the world market. The involvement of Jamaicans and Guyanese among the production crew is evidence of the quality of work which the region can produce. CHRISSY will warm the hearts of many and even move some to tears…all due to a beautiful and touching story-line and the excellence in our actors and production crew.

Here’s the supposed villain of Chrissy, a charming young Jade McCollin with her Mom

CHRISSY is 90 minutes long. It will run for two nights in England. The film will be Premiered on Monday November 26th screening will be under the patronage of the High Commissioner of Barbados, Mr. Hugh Antony Arthur.

Mac Fingall, not singing, but still making Social Commentary on Alternative Dispute Resolution and appealing to the Education Ministry to resume certain standards

Admission for the premiere is £10 + booking fee, shows are at The Tabernacle 35 Powis Square, London W11 2AY

For tickets,

The second screening is in Birmingham at 7pm on Tuesday November 27th… The Drum, Birmingham 144 Potters Lane, Aston, B6 4UU Birmingham, Telephone 0121 333244 for info and tickets

Media contact is CARIBBEAN FILM CORNER: 0203 006 2311 |

David Weekes at the podium, addressing the crowd at Olympus

Mr & Mrs Weekes were most elated to hear of the Royal Barbados Police Force recently stated commitment, to crack down on illegal DVD bootleg vending in Swan Street.

For some time now this nefarious practice of selling pirated DVD’s has thrived seemingly unabated, robbing legitimate film owners of their ability to recoup the high investment cost of their film productions.

Veteran Make-Up Artiste & Bajan, Marietta Carter-Narcisse praising the Weekes for making the film on such an incredibly low (almost non-existent) Budget – better Economists than Gov’t?

The film-makers wish to thank and support the Police in advance for recognising their plight and seeking to take action, but they also would like to see action extended beyond the Swan Street area.

Once again they’d like to remind the public to buy legitimate DVD’s and support the industry by seeing “Chrissy” at Olympus in Sheraton Mall.

Peter and Marietta pose with Acting Coach & Comedian Par Excellence – Dy “Ting & Ting” Browne in front of the iconic poster for the local movie, which, in its own way, deserves an Oscar for the cinematography, plot outline and its nobility

This was emphasised by their Make-Up Manager, Marietta Carter-Narcisse who says she considers when voting during the Oscars {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Marietta told the debut audience of how screeners of films which she watches to vote for the Oscar, she insists that if anyone wants to look at the disks they have to come to her house to prevent any bootleg copies being made – the cosmetologist for Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” urged people to be aware that piracy cannot allow Barbados to build as a Film industry.

Marietta also says Barbados is just wasting a brilliant opportunity to get Foreign Exchange, since movie crews do not use Travellers’ Cheques nor credit cards when securing meals or potential homes as scenes for their project {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

They spend cash for food, Marietta recalled how being in Jamaica and looking  for ways to spend cash, she says if Barbados would fast-track a Film Commission, then we can have a better cinematic industry faster than Trinidad or Jamaica who are already established.

The Make-Up Artist let the patrons of Variety Barbados know that handling make-up is not easy, even if a “civilian” project since you can be in charge of thousands of extras {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

It’s not only lipstick or powder, Marietta explained how she’s in charge of 50 make-up artists who are looking after 4,000 extras and when it all looks like no effort was made it’s because everyone played their part as no one can mess up when a day’s rental is anywhere between $250,000 to $1 million USD


I personally feel once the thrill of the local film has calmed down, the producers should seriously consider a Director’s Cut, where they seek to plug any gaps which may hinder a viewer’s suspension of disbelief…

  • Why is such a “privileged” white girl attending such a rural school? What should be considered is saying that this is a diplomat’s daughter and the parents wanted their daughter to be raised like any other Barbadian.
  • If Chrissy is underprivileged, she would not really want ANY family driving her straight to home (no matter how she and Cara O’Donnell are buddies) nor accept those benefactors inspecting the premises… So it should be shown by the time they got near her place, she fell asleep in the car or otherwise she’d have walked her way into the place. Which is what most Bajans do when they get a lift, even if they’re not so poor.
  • While not showing how was done for dramatic effect, nevertheless when and where did Peter Boyce’s character get Chrissy’s bed ridden mum to sign a Permission slip?
  • Since when LIME or any company for that matter, pay a schoolchild, even for a Quiz, cold cash? As a boy I won a TV quiz (Stump The Panel hosted by the late Doriel Went, my statement was neither animal, mineral nor vegetable but abstractThe Nation bought VOB) and I got a voucher, cheques are usually seen in newspapers as regular dramatic effect as opposed to currency… So, once again, huh?

Please note I am not saying the movie is bad, but it can be even better and go even further!

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