Open Letter concerning Mandatory Youth Service – Stephen Lashley, are you BERSERK?

Dear Minister Lashley,

A moment of your time if you would, please sir will you tell me what particular brand of St Joseph or St John Weed were you smoking when you came up with this completely nonsensical idea of mandatory youth service? Now forgive me, but if I am not mistaken most 15-29 yr old’s are busy doing stuff like school, work, supporting their families, some are raising kids, some are running their own businesses. So again, how is this going to work?

How am I a volunteer if it’s mandatory service? BTW thanks for giving me a choice in the matter – that was so awesome of you, I’d compare that to a choice between Gonorrhea and Herpes Simplex!

The rant continues; – “How about instead you actually do something with your Ministry of Youth Affairs, like actually work on YOUTH AFFAIRS?? We have many pressing issues like an education system that does not prepare us for the new and rapidly changing global world. How about actually working with the Youth and bringing us into the old to create real policy instead of letting a bunch of Civil Servants in their 50’s and 60’s decide?”

How about you actually develop Sports in Barbados so my friends don’t have to give up their dreams and talents in football to work to support their family? How about you develop Culture properly? Where is the serious funding for Music Programs, Arts Programs etc, that will actually serve to develop and inspire the next Rihanna, Cover Drive or Hal Linton? Or the next Sheena Rose, Mark King, Russell Watson or Alyson Holder?

What I am trying to say is, instead of coming up with thes Assenine and truly idiotic ideas that are tantamount to SLAVERY, you Shut the hell up and do something with your Ministry, Elections are coming Sir…….and I think the you need to be wary

Sincerely Yours;
Dotar Sojat
p.s. I really have lost ALL respect for you! {This message cme from a popular & respected member of the Ancillary Services, and for reasons related to future and current clientele, decided it’s better to be like Sir Percy Blakeney}

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