Paige Bryan

Message from the President of YWCA Barbados – YWCA’s WEEK WITHOUT VIOLENCE

Message from the President of YWCA Barbados – YWCA’s WEEK WITHOUT VIOLENCE

Paige Bryan

The Barbados Young Women’s Christian Association joins World YWCA in commemorating its Week Without Violence which is acknowledged annually during the third week of October and as a precursor to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. This year we do so from 14 – 20 October 2012.

When we look around our society, we see several instances of violence which are permeating our culture. Disputes are sometimes settled fatally. We at YWCA are concerned about this increase in violence and in particular violence against women, by extension the detrimental effect this has on our children and young people. We believe this negative impact on our youth can lead to the cycle of violence being perpetuated across generations. It is a scourge on our society which must be eliminated.

President of YWCA Barbados, Ms. Paige Bryan

We look forward to the updated Domestic Violence (Protection Order) Act to effectively deal with acts of domestic abuse. Once reported, we call for incidences of domestic violence to become matters of the state for the purposes of prosecution.

Additionally, we call for a specialised unit within the Royal Barbados Police Force to be established with trained personnel and support resources to handle incidences of domestic violence.

To our young people, we urge you to think before you act. Walk away from any potential acts of violence, consider how your actions could affect your future and your family. Stay in school, be respectful and surround yourself with positive people.

To all Barbados, we implore you to STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW!

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