Is Crime Stoppers Barbados seeking to halt bad times, or draw visitors? Does their website improve perceptions or reinforce them?

I’m confused, many detractors of this website will agree – maybe that’s why there was a concentrated hacking attempt recently – but regular readers I wish they’d assist me in clarifying…

Recently attended a launch of 2013 Crime Stoppers International which is slated for Barbados next year, are they holding the seminar to fight a growing concern? St Lucia last year (48 deaths, I believe) in proportion is almost at par with Jamaica (No 1 in the C’bean with 1000+ per  year) and Trinidad (Jack “FIFA” Warner would have you guessing as their National Security Minister) for murders, while Montserrat had 2 deaths this year and is seeking an Inquiry since the average for them is 1 death every 5 to 7 years?

With the evidence of a significant change and a conference to hopefully reduce if not remove such a heinous badge, then why are the people in the video speaking of days spent and what tours they can do? If you REALLY think about it – if there is no Crime, then Police, Security experts and weapon artisans are unemployed… Remember, only asking what is correct agenda and not pointing fingers here, ok?

Watch movies? Do you recall “The Formula” with George C. Scott (his son plays Boris in “Royal Pains“) here’s a refresher for you;- “A detective uncovers a formula that was devised by the Nazis in WW II to make gasoline from synthetic products, thereby eliminating the necessity for oil – and oil companies. A major oil company finds out about it and tries to destroy the formula and anyone who knows about it.”

Crime Stoppers Barbados’ (CSB) challenges are not only sending mixed signals as to which way does it play its cards – stop crime or have a sexy convention, but its web presence also leaves room for improvement… Look at these photos and examine the observations listed in their captions…

At first glance, nothing appears extraordinary – a snapshot of some people for their “YOUTH IN CONTROL” segment… Ok, but are they Bajans? {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

Wait for the punchline – can we get a drum-roll & rim-shot?

“PROTECT YOUR COMMUNITY” can be a non-person specific glance of an activity, positive or negative yet crime related, but? Instead a glimpse of a dreadlocked person, are they preventing or instigating crime? Again, is this a Bajan?

CSB commenced almost 3 years ago, and have accumulated approximately $90,000.00 from concerned groups and people by way of grants and donations. Crime Stoppers Barbados allocated approximately $15,000.00 for reward payments but actual payouts are in the vicinity of $5,000.00

In the video, CSB’s Executive Director, Devrol Dupigny also explains the process used to select Barbados as host country.

Dupigny indicated how ex-Broadcaster Julian Rogers will moderate the forum of the 2013 Crime Stoppers Seminar to ensure the success of this international event.

The announcement comes following the 2012 Conference recently held in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

More than 250 delegates are expected to attend the 2013 International Conference from Sept 29 to Oct 3. Crime Stoppers International operates more than 1000 chapters in 26 countries.

The organisers also unveiled the new Crime Stoppers Barbados website.

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