Barbadian wins another silver medal in an international martial arts competition in the People’s Republic of China

Qaasen Sealy, educator, ‘wholistic‘ wellness personal trainer, counselor and and martial artist, in Barbados, has represented Barbados well at the ninth China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, China.

Among the 53 countries that were represented, Sealy was the only representative for Barbados in the martial arts event. With well over 1400 participants, he made sure to keep his martial arts training sharpened. He received his silver medal in an all style category.

Sealy has been teaching martial arts for 32 years and currently teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu, Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan at Weymouth police sports complex, Brown’s Beach and Foundation school in Christ Church and Trinity church in St. Philip.

Sealy said it is not the medals that count because sometimes coming from small countries you have to be that much better than countries. He adds “You can miss the journey by focusing on the destination…

{Ed’s Note Uh, so why this article you send me then? It’s not to declare what you did, far from Home? As in – “Hey, looka me!“}

Sealy said he enjoyed being at the largest Shaolin temple in all of China. This year an estimated 50,000 monks came out to put on a demonstration for the local Chinese and the international participants. He also loved visiting martial arts masters that he has not seen in a while, then, sharing mouth watering meals with them in social setting, after or before training.

“Under the people with the right minds in leadership positions wushu (gongfu) can go far, if not it be like the proverbial hamster running on a wheel and going nowhere of consequence.” Sealy noted. Sealy said that there were many rule changes this year. Too many to go into as he puts it. However, one of the major changes he noted was that many martial artist of mixed disciples were allowed to compete against each other in particular categories.

Now that the competition is finished, Sealy, will be travelling to where Tai Chi Chuan first surfaced for the public to learn – Chen Village and Zhabao Village. Two neighboring remote villages in China. Both villages are where Yang Lu Chan, the founder of yang Taijiquan learned his martial arts and taught it publicly.

Before 1928 Taijiquan was practiced as a martial arts. It was only around 1928, where Taijiquan began to be seen as a health exercise as oppose to a martial arts. Seeing the benefits of both, Sealy teaches Taijiquan for health and self defense. Sealy said that they are so many different types of Tai Chi Chuan systems that he is travelling around China interview many masters to gather a better understanding of the essence of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan.

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  1. Dear Editor:
    Thanks for printing the article…
    In one sense, your ‘look at me‘ scenario, has been suggested to me by a few advisers to promote some degree of credibility. Credibility is important, that is why after the competition I did not interview the average person who calls himself a master. I met a lot of those already. I went to seek out ‘credible’ masters and lineage holders, to do interviews. To get their views. Credibility, for example, is like having the word Dr. or PhD next to your name. Hopefully, the person has gain some degree of knowledge, and people listen more attentively when you are trying to help them. For the most part, I can see why you make that comment. Because that is what most people do. However, form me to you, I do not focus on medals and educational degrees as true achievement. You see… I travel, and with the amount of people I meet, I know that I do not know. That is why I seek knowledge.

    In reference to close to home comment…. Please watch Morning Barbados on Mondays from 7:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. the prgramme is called “ Mind Body and Spirit Matters” Since June 2012 until present (Nov 2012) , I have been educating people in Barbados on how to reduce non communicable chronic disease and improve their health in general. I cover areas such as Aging, Diabetes, Back Pain, Asthma, Arthritis and many other conditions that are effecting us in Barbados. Additionally, on the programme and in various lectures and workshops locally, I cover the various emotions such as anger, sadness and how they effects the organs of the body and what people can do to improve the effects of those emotions.
    Thank you… Take care !

  2. Dear Editor:

    During my visit to the PR China, Oct to Nov 2012, I has an very interesting conversation with about mindfulness. It was acknowledge in the meeting, that most of us don’t enjoy each moment. Most people, spend most of our mental time in the past or future drift in regrets or desires. Therefore, on a journey, one can miss the experience and lessons of the journey by focusing on the desires of the destination. This can be said for just about any situation.

    Take care ! Thanks again ….


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