What will Wind Turbines do to Caribbean’s Bird population? European Union finances wind turbine installation on Carriacou

EDITOR’S NOTE – Recently the European Union has been very active in donating here and there in this part of the world – with the Eurozone crisis yet to be resolved we have no idea how long this largesse will sustain itself? Now a new concern presents itself, with space at a premium in our small islands, not only where do we place Wind Turbines, how does it affect migration patterns of birds? This was not mentioned in the EU’s latest “kind” display…

The European Union is providing 2.5 million euros (EC$8.6M)of a total cost of €3.9 million euros (EC$13.4M) towards a wind turbine that will generate electricity for the 6,000 residents of Grenada’s sister island of Carriacou. The Grenada Electricity Services Ltd (GRENLEC) will provide the remaining €1.4 million euros (EC$4.8M) financing.

When completed it is expected to provide between 38 to 68 per cent of the electricity demand, of the 13 square mile island by 2014.

{FILE IMAGE VIAcleantechnica.com} Barbadians can only hope once it’s closer to Wind Turbine usage, that ornithological experts such as Dr John Webster or Professor Karl Watson will be accessed before Gov’t decides to place cage before feathers? Many eagles and falcons have met grisly fates in Europe and North America due to “Energy Innovations“…

The project will seek to install two to seven wind turbines to serve the one mega watt load capacity currently supplied using existing diesel generation. To balance the system energy storage capacity will be provided for peak periods and load management.

It is estimated that the project will be completed within 24 months from the granting of the financing. GRENLEC has already conducted a wind study, with a supplementary assessment under way on two wind sites.

At present the diesel generating system for Carriacou operates at a significant loss given the country’s size and population and is subsidised by the people of Grenada.

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