Playing ‘Chicken’ or reading Dickens? Commerce Minister shucks flood of Media queries at Prize Ceremony

I strongly suspect once elections are finally called and should the seat of St Peter remain with the Barbados Labour Party, it may be very likely Senator Haynesley Benn will demit from elective politics and resume with Private Sector and/or Agriculture…

I suspect if the Minister was allowed to choose any vehicle he wants, he’d opt for a Dodge Ram perhaps – perfect for carrying crops and equally adept for moving away from uncomfortable scenes, eh?

In a final act from David Thompson as Prime Minister almost 3 years ago, he switched the Upper Chamber member from Agriculture to Commerce.

At Benn’s first DLP lunchtime lecture we asked about repatriating policyholders from CLICO, he met with the Chamber Of Commerce to hammer out a revised basket of Zero Rated Goods under the new Value Added Tax of 17.5% and Bajan Reporter also sought to get Minister Benn to comment on the plight of the now defunct REDjet. The man refused to answer any of the concerns which are of vital significance to any Bajan on the street.

Well done Senator, you avoided the Media long enough so they won’t have time to look at the basket of goods you promised – except your cousin and seat-rival Owen Arthur may remind you once the Bell rings…

In a rare moment of lucid honesty, the Senator expressed a longing for how the Private Sector quickly implements change as opposed to what usually obtains in the Civil Service when at a Gala Dinner recognising service in Technology at Accra Beach resort not so long ago.

Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, but I suspected even Star Chick staff and the winners also wanted the Minister to address issues related to his portfolio for a change? {CLICK FOR BIGGER} BTW, this is 1st prize Winner Minola Holder who got tickets for 2 to New York and spending money, thanks to Rev. Wendell Clarke’s Star Chick Enterprises! (In the BG behind Benn is Rev. Clarke chatting with Stronghold Entertainment’s founder, Darin Holder, whose birthday is coming soon)

If the last elections of Barbados were in 2008, then in 2009 you cannot achieve much as Agro Min; by Sept. 2010 you change from Agriculture to Commerce you may need a breathing space, yet surely by May 2011 you must have your bearings? You also cannot blame your predecessors at this point, this regime has had its gambit to address goofs made from before and mend mistakes and avoid new ones – 2012 is almost over  and so is the DLP’s current mandate, at what point do you grit your teeth, stand your ground and admit not much has been done?

With Senator Benn, it seems the answer may never come – ironically, he addressed the matter briefly while presenting prizes at Star Chick‘s “Eggonomics” ceremony at Courtyard Marriott in Hastings. Watch the video, he says Barbadians hold the Ministry or himself accountable for the Cost Of Living, and sure enough CBC and Barbados Today tag-teamed the man when he was about to flee leave the awards, was he looking at them? No, he was watching behind himself as I was approaching with a live Voice Recorder, his face looked like how a Fox must feel when Bassets are baying near its  jugular…

The lady receiving the iPad is Stacia Briggs-Saunders, she teaches at All Saints Primary in St Peter – her daughter already has fine makings of a Politician, she is handed money by her mum to go shopping and she got Star Chick; so since Stacia’s daughter went buying the poultry she feels she is entitled to the device which was won by her mother’s spending!

Still the man drew a next ace from his sleeve, Benn proclaims to all of us he cannot speak without his notes, facts and figures and he will call us next week – in his own words; “…for sure, I do not break my promises!” he vowed, I could not help but think of Pinocchio right then and there? The other reporters looked like – ah, screwed again!

Anyhow, for the actual prizes themselves, take a look in the Photo Gallery…

PROSALES WEB BANNER phones 22102020

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