Kingsland not first choice to replace QEH: Parliamentary Secretary (QEH) gives Bajan Reporter exclusive Interview

While the Flip cam I won from the US Embassy is HD video, nevertheless for it to be truly effective, it has to be close to its audio source for proper voice reproduction so when I was at Cave Hill recently although I had a great view of the speech given by Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner I was little too far from the speakers so it was inaudible for broadcast purpose.

The majority of pupils in this Master’s Cohort were indeed females over men.

Luckily, I used my trusty voice recorder in addition video & photo plus I had a one-on-one afterwards with the Senator and discovered new developments concerning both Cave Hill and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

CHSB’s Programme Director, Ann Wallace (who introduced the Sen.), is a very unassuming and engaging lady, we doubt she took offence at the suggestion made by the QEH’s Parliamentary Secretary in fact, Ms Wallace probably sees it as a means of creating much needed revenue for UWI!

The Senator delivered a keynote for the Cave Hill School of Business (CHSB) New Cohorts – Master’s Programme where she said sleep is a luxury in pursuing the degree! Team effort is everything even above family (that is a no-no too for me – even despite this website, I still have quality time every now and again), I know she’d want to murder me if we were in the same study group, because I have to get sleep and if I don’t, then I may well end up at Dodd’s for a capital crime!

Be that as it may, I decided to ask what is the progress on the QEH and its intended alternative, because Senator Sandiford-Garner is essentially the Jr Min. of  Health (QEH) but here we say Parliamentary Secretary – this is when Bajan Reporter uncovered the previously unspoken revelation {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The location was selected by Town & Country with Technical assistance and not by the Cabinet, it was not an arbitrary decision from her colleague Minister Inniss.

Why did Inniss not mention the alternatives? In lashing CBC’s Peter Thorne for an inaccurate story she expanded on the reasoning behind stating Kingsland only {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Kingsland was declared as the prime area since it is not only a “Green Field” locale but it is close to Public Transportation, however she is still annoyed at Peter Thorne for claiming a new hospital would be built at Greenfields.

While I was still chatting and learning I also made it my business to pursue how and where would this regime secure $150 million as promised to Sir Hilary Beckles recently – the Senator’s candor nearly unhinged me, this was her response {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

She is not sure where the money will be sourced, and the challenge is UWI decided to expand at a point when Freundel Stuart nor Chris Sinckler did not look at budgeting any cashflow towards Cave Hill.

I asked if she herself has any ideas as to how to generate the revenue, and she was quick to counter it’s not her place to make such a recommendation. It reminded me of Dr Worrell at the Central Bank with the same approach and attitude! Is it an epidemic? It’s times like these I realise why I would not be in politics, since I would tell any Minister including the PM what I think they should do!

Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner, Parliamentary Secretary in the Min. Of Health (QEH) addressing a breakfast meeting at CHSB recently.

I was amazed at the reticence when she contradicted herself over recommendations… In her speech to Cohorts at CHSB, she clearly made a suggestion to Ann Wallace, the CHSB’s Programme Director… In the Senator’s view, UWI should have (as an Elective course and not as a class which is part of a student’s aggregate) a Gender-based study as to why women who hold MBA’s for the most part do not seem to have jobs or posts which reflect their improved qualifications.

When I last attended a Breakfast session at CHSB they had no pepper-sauce, luckily I remembered to bring my own this time around! many of the students were amazed, LOL!

The potential candidate for the parish of St Andrew for the DLP even elucidated why she made such an observation – in her theorem, she posed if 10 ladies got MBA’s then only 2 would reach Manager or higher, of those two? One of them feels they have to behave as if “one of the boys” in order to fit in, even though privately they maintain their feminine persona. Hold on, if she can make such a valid and carefully considered proposal to UWI then why not take such initiative and put it where it’s needed most? THE RUNNING OF BARBADOS!

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