Peter Williams CARILEC

Barbados Light & Power’s Peter Williams breezes over Wind Turbine concerns at CARILEC

Barbados Light & Power’s Peter Williams breezes over Wind Turbine concerns at CARILEC

Peter Williams CARILEC

A key conference on Energy concerns throughout the region was snubbed by 2 Cabinet Ministers from Barbados – Commerce Minister: Sen. Haynesley Benn and Energy Minister: Sen. D’Arcy Boyce. Both members of the Upper Chamber should have been present at such a key gathering of Energy officials looking at streamlining the process of assessing and billing costs to produce power for Caribbean peoples to use.

Most of the row backing the camera along this sidebar table, was almost entirely from Barbados Light & Power {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

The Caribbean Development Bank held a special convocation at their Conference HQ in Wildey today, among those present was a large cadre from Barbados Light & Power as well as St Lucia’s Minister of Energy, Science & Technology.

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} Conspicuously absent was Senator Haynesley Benn, Commerce Minister of Barbados – who is yet to finalise a Basket Of Goods to exempt from the new VAT of 17.5%, nor has he looked at CLICO and its policyholders who remain in Limbo over refunds… He said in Oct. 2010 it was too early to examine the issue, that was nearly 3 years ago? How about NOW?

Dodging questions from the Media and in specific from Bajan Reporter was Peter Williams, Managing Director of BL & P. Mr Williams, when queried on if there are plans to regulate fees on providing energy as to if Barbadians would benefit, did not commit himself to the concern posed.

Further, when Williams was asked about St Lucy residents’ concerns of noises from Wind Turbines proposed to be built in the North, all the Director would indicate is Town & Country Planning gave permission for the area to be developed and BL & P awaited finalisation of sales of tracts of land from residents to BL & P for using the property to implement devices which have created concern in most areas where such devices exist.

Utility executives and regulators, along with Ministers of Government with responsibility for the utility sector from across the Caribbean, met in Barbados to discuss best practices in utility regulation with a view to developing a collaborative roadmap to guide the issue in regional jurisdictions.

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} Energy, when handled correctly, can be a very lucrative Market – in the end, one has to wonder who the seminar was to benefit… Users or Providers? This conference left no stone unturned for delegates to enjoy creature comforts, who footed the bill?

The 2nd CARILEC Forum gathered in partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and The World Bank. The Forum is hosted by the Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corporation (CARILEC), the association of electric utilities, suppliers, manufactures and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean.

Why were two key members of Barbados’ Cabinet not present? Their names were on the list of those  expected to attend, yet not even a Permanent Secretary nor other representatives listed in lieu thereof? Only the Fair Trading Commission and I am not sure if I saw their delegate either! Hate to think the Ministers dodged the conference  because Bajan Reporter attended?

James Fletcher – St Lucia’s Minister of Energy, Science & Technology made sure to attend, he even fielded some tough questioning from CBC TV8’s Shane Sealy on Kerosene prices based on an objection from Castries’ Opposition Leader, Stephenson King.

Light & Power made sure to represent, if not Barbados, then their company as well as counterparts from Anguilla, Dominica, St. Lucia, Jamaica, St Vincent, Grenada, Montserrat, Nevis, Trinidad, and Turks & Caicos.

The first CARILEC Regulatory Forum focused on the sharing of regulatory experiences in Barbados, Belize, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Trinidad & Tobago.

Participants studied the regulation of utilities and application of best practices to the development of a regulatory system for utilities for the OECS, what now obtains is when the findings will be released and how they benefit the regional consumer in this Double-Dip recession.

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  2. Rosemary Parkinson Avatar

    Same old…same old. My advice to all those who have these ‘meetings’ where food, water, tea, coffee and electricity are consumed willie-nillie, where enough paper to destroy a rainforest is seen on tables, where those involved talk so much utter nonsense and if any kind of ‘answer’ is reached nothing is evah done to implement same…is this: Stay in your offices, use Skype it is free, you can have foolish conversations with all your partners across the globe, drink you own water, make your own tea, and bring in your own lunch from home…therefore passing down the savings to the consumers of your energy-saving foolishness. Ooops! did I say you were going to pass down savings? What planet do I live on!!!! Well, at least we would not have to see such a gathering of people who have no idea as to what is really necessary and just use this time to make de people dem think they do.

    What is the problem with just getting some raas solar powered grids on to everyone’s roof…ooops! there I go again…it would mean no more huge profits for BL&P to share with their Emera partners…it would mean that CEOs would no longer have enormous salaries and bonuses and it would also mean no more oil money for government and “we all know who”. Okay time for me to cover up my face and go walk the streets ’cause I can talk real bare foolishness so must be mad.

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