Limegrove Launch 017

Barbadian Music Anthology offers crucial Time Capsules of Bajan Culture

Barbadian Music Anthology offers crucial Time Capsules of Bajan Culture

Limegrove Launch 017

Recently spent some time down at Limegrove in Holetown, where CRS launched a party Anthology as memoir for Kadooment 2012… Deejay/Singer/Athlete Kirk Brown was hunched over his Apple laptop keeping the audience hyped for when the mini-concert for “Caribbean Hott Party, Vol. 3” was launched on Barbados’ West Coast.

Cross section of patrons attending the launch for “Caribbean Hott Party, Vol. 3

Cyclone and Mr Vilan (No villain, but Vilmore Johnson both of acting & Starcom fame) had their share for the evening’s festivities, but the night belonged to three… Rhesa Garnes track on the disk was “Drive Me Crazy” and many men in the crowd did get unhinged at the small yet powerful gal giving a heartfelt performance.

Long ago and far away when I was still in Government, I was taught this is Jackie Opel’s resting place which is yet to have a headstone placed on it… I was glad Michael Thompson sought to keep Jackie alive with the style of Bajan music he introduced decades ago…

The true gems of the night came from the older members of the stable, Smokey Burke and Michael Thompson – with one retaining old-time standards and the other making party music while having clever social commentary…

Between songs there many pleasant diversions to keep you busy!

The cadence & rhythm of Spouge did not die with Jackie Opel, it came alive once more with Michael’s “Spouge is Bajan” which made me think there were still vinyl 45’s (which I have not seen since the 90’s) and the Fairchild Street bus Terminal was still an open square and buses were red & green not blue and yellow for Transport Board or Yellow & Blue for private minivans…

Michael Thompson did much for more mature patrons who felt rejuvenated after his Spouge tribute.

The hero of the night was Smokey Burke, whose “Dance Alexandra Dance” was on one sense, a sweet dance tune very bouncy and catchy in its structure while otherwise if you listened to the lyrics carefully it was Social Commentary on the whole Alexandra Secondary debacle of Redman Vs. Broomes

Next time, the audio engineers need to make sure they have DUB as in INSTRUMENTAL versions of songs, it was really weird to see Smokey singing over himself!

BTW – Can you believe the $600,000 Inquiry’s report is delayed ’til AFTER school resumes? No decision to be handed down and kids  are being measured for uniforms while parents see what equipment they can afford to buy or hand down if there are older siblings. Based on what the inquiry has revealed? It seems the best thing is to let Broomes retire on full pay and scatter the teachers between other schools and start Alexandra with fresh staff!

Once upon a time it was a Deejay on “wheels of steel” now its playing Techno or House on a Mouse! Go, Kirk!

Let’s resume the disk, the album cover and its font were designed to fit inside the hole of a needle, remember people while you’re looking to cram a pile of info into a limited set of paper? You have to remember not everyone in Barbados has 20/10 vision (which is superior to 20/20)!

Tabitha Johnson, who assisted in compiling the anthology, was also a performer!

Also saw no Facebook nor Twitter links, CRS need s to bear in mind this generation is Social Media fuelled  – must have Tweeting hashtags like #cropover and a Like button if its popularity is to stretch beyond Kadooment and reach other shores than say Trinidad or Jamaica.

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