Rihanna’s So-Called Interview With Oprah – Talking Chris Brown For The 1st Time: What was NOT there…

Not impressed, this Interview with Oprah & Rihanna was as just as much a travesty as the so-called exchange betwixt Rosemary Alleyne and Freundel Stuart not so long ago…

Rihanna sat down with Oprah for her first video interview ever. She also talked about Chris Brown on camera for the first time ever.

I have watched the Rihanna video, for those of you want to watch it try DailyMotion although don’t be surprised if the link is pulled – it was clear this whole exercise was a nice PR fluff even down to how Barbados is portrayed, yet not even a by the way mention how the island is gripped in a recession and how drug production is on the rise for the former middle class to eke a living, nor the fact elections are looming…

Ah yes, Rihanna did show vulnerability with the Electra syndrome as she wrestles with her Father’s influence and while the magnanimity for her mom with the mini-manse was oh so trés sweet, I got the feeling her mother knew because her reaction to receiving the large expanse was far more understated than one would expect…

Where did Oprah fall down? Many areas, where to start? Since Oprah herslf pointed how TIME listed “RiRi” as one of the 100 most Influential People of the Year, then knowing the Westbury girl is considered a role model  whether she likes it or not, then why did Oprah not ask her about how Nivea cancelled her huge contract?

What was Rihanna’s big idea of sporting C**T on a pendant into a Catholic Church – how could Oprah miss such a thing if she is truly concerned about women’s rights? Even “RiRi” using the same jewellery when taking photos with young fans at their parents’ ire?

If this gal from Westbury is so into God and loves her Grandmother so much, then why accept a lapdance from a midget Dominatrix which could confuse and upset the old lady – you don’t think she’d hear in this day and age of Technology, if the grandmother did not view it herself then she could have been told by a neighbour? Oprah should’ve ALSO asked why Rihanna does these extreme bad things which contrasts with “RiRi’s” Cultural Ambassador status for Barbados?

The real kicker is – if Chris Brown is the love of her life as she admitted then how can they be JUST FRIENDS? Oprah failed in her interviewing; or was she encouraged not to probe too deeply? Regardless, I am disappointed!

During the interview Rihanna admitted that she’s still in love with Chris Brown and that she isn’t happy about the way the world turned on him after he assaulted her.

I know there are Rihanna fans who even if the Westbury girl f*rts then her legion of FANatics will swear cookies are baking, but I am not and never will be that way for anyone, not even family or friends… Ask them, if you do crap, I call you out, period! Do right or get out…

But many Barbadians are so  biased now politically or otherwise once you’re affiliated to this party or like this music or that poetry then even if the promulgator performs a Grand Felony it’s ok because they’re a DEM or a Bee or they like to listen to {So & So} or since this Calypsonian or the other wrote it, then only God handing Moses the sacred tablets is more significant than this event… That’s you, bub, I am and always will be the little kid who screamed the Emperor is naked as a Jaybird.

Barbados has too much of this biased blinkerdom! Rihanna fans will scream I am just being a “hater,” I am only trying to wake up Barbados to reality which is there in front of their shut eyelids; it’s not that I am not a one eyed man trying to be King among the Blind… I am trying to give Bajans some Lasik or Cataract surgery and they wish to still use Braille!

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  1. I made sure to read your editorial and watch the video – so on the ball! Utter crap, Rihanna must have offered to buy shares in Oprah’s network or something, maybe they have goods on her with Gayle or they have goods on Steadman (Just why is she ‘engaged’ so long?)…

    The point is, Ian, you don’t bullsh*t (which pisses people off), lots more could have been done with the interview and even the travelogue on Barbados was rather patronising! Barbados is Sandy Lane and Westbury Road? If Rihanna is so human and humane why did she not find somewhere similar to stay? Why go on the West Coast to live like a tourist? That is what you left off – Oprah should have asked are you still truly a poor girl or are you a po’ girl living large?

    Maybe she and Oprah were too buzzed on Ri-Ri’s stash of herb?

  2. What makes u think Oprah’s viewers care about local elections? They want to know what’s happening with Chris Brown . As for the necklace and Rihanna’s other antics they don’t make any impact on US viewers either, and all fall into what Oprah calls Rihanna’s being comfortable with her sexuality.

    The interview was for an American viewing audience, not for local concerns.

  3. what a pity that this little girl who has talent has joined the group to Hollywood TMZ seeking notoriety. Unfortunately she has little more than her talent and hopefully she saves her money for the lean years which may happen sooner than she feels.

  4. rather disappointing. It was pure PR fluff. Other than Sandy Lane getting some press not much to say about the interview. I do get the inpression from this interview and the ads for next weeks Oprah interview with kelsey Grammer that Oprah wants to be a bit sensational but it just seems like she is going about it a bit half-assed. A bit bored with the Chris Brown questions as well. Some folks seem to think thats the only thing interesting about Rihanna

  5. In these days it’s worrying that everyone knows the location of Robyn’s mother’s new home and obviously where Robyn will be staying in the future. All those of us who have admired it as we’ve passed it (but could never afford to walk in it, let alone buy it) must wonder at a main road location for such high profile people.

    Robyn isn’t progressing her Apes Hill land gift, to live in when she’s in Bimshire?

    I’ve forgotten where it is already, for anyone who wants to know.

  6. Well said, Oprah is trying, many of us up North find it hard as hell to find that channel…as someone said previously; tired of the Chris Brown questions, ask about it and move on. Seemed to be a PR piece for Sandy Lane and a good PR piece for in spite of Rihanna being a “bad girl” hey she gave her mum a lovely house – nice image work. Hey it’s a celeb intv a puff piece and flim flam from Oprah, thought the intv was too fast, vapid and lacked real hurumph!

  7. It amazes me that Barbados has rhianna as an ambassador for their Island.
    Shes an absolute disgrace and terrible role model to young females.



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