1. Almost 1,000 pounds of weed seized in St John as Jamaican National faced the gavel

    Members of the Drug Squad with the assistance of the Barbados Coast Guard responded to reports of suspicious activities along the Coast in the areas of Martin’s Bay, Glenburnie, Foster Hall, St John and at Tent Bay, St Joseph about 5:15 am on Monday 27 August 2012. 2. Court Results Jamaican national Pete Dave Welch who was held […]

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  2. Awareness of numbers behind breast cancer – October is Month of Pink

    Code Pink by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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  3. Anime Kon 2012 concludes in Barbados – this was ‘Year Of Cosplay’: Look out for AK 2013 on both 24 & 25 August

    More videos to come, one on the contribution of Alison Sealy-Smith, who voiced Storm for X-Men: The Animated Series, to Anime Kon’s voice acting seminar plus an extensive interview with the Bajan-American brothers who created a SF/Superhero book and website, Ascended: the Omega Nexus! As Barbados’ first and only pop culture convention, AnimeKon continues to […]

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  4. “The Barrens” (2012) – Stephen “Bill Compton” Moyer: Horror Movie, HD

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  5. Chamber Of Commerce Joins With Rest of Barbados to Observe Minute’s Silence on September 3rd

    The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) has encouraged its members and the entire business community in Barbados to help commemorate the second anniversary of the Campus Trendz Tragedy by observing a minute’s silence on Monday 3rd September 2012. President of the Chamber, Mr. Lalu Vaswani said the Chamber had no hesitation in lending […]

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  6. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 interview with Director Katsuhiro Harada


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  7. HBO’s True Blood Season 5 Conclusion: Thank You from Alan Ball

    Did you see the True Blood Season 5 finale yet? Don’t worry – You can watch it online at HBO GO® with interactive features to see a bonus scene teasing Season 6.

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  8. Highlights of 1st Day: Anime Kon Expo 2012, Barbados

    A full review & Editorial is forthcoming, in the meantime? AnimeKon caught the attention of local, regional, and international press. Many characters and fans seemed shy when cameras appeared, yet by attending AnimeKon (in or out of cosplay) you are giving your consent to be photographed and appear on camera. In this video you will […]

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  9. Is the South Coast of Barbados now similar to Jesse James & Wild West – Daylight Robbery?

    Like the Phantom, Shadow and Sherlock Holmes, this Web Magazine has those opposed to the differing views here and those who support this initiative even if privately… Many of them I call Facebook Irregulars in honour of Sherlock Holmes’ crew both fictional and real, others are eMail or other Social Media… I was busy editing […]

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  10. “Benchmarking Global Communication Standards: Making your Mark!” – International Association of Business Communication, Barbados Chapter

    On Friday 31 August 2012 you are invited to attend an interactive session with IABC’s Global Chair on Accreditation, Gloria Walker. Walker will share the value of International Accreditation and lessons learnt for her vast experience in the area of communications. She will also share best practices from her recent experience working with international press and […]

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    Fifty newly certified trainers in anger management are ready to be deployed in communities across St. Kitts and Nevis to help persons, particularly young people, to control their emotions and channel them positively. The persons successfully completed the John Howard Society (JHS), Toronto Anger Management Facilitators Course which was organised by Operation Future and held […]

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  12. Practice of Islam increases in Dominican Republic

    An estimated 1,700 practicing Muslims live in the Dominican Republic, reports El Caribe. About 10-15% are Dominicans, some 200-250 people. The country’s main mosque is located on Calle Francia in Gazcue, Santo Domingo. El Caribe reports that the practice of Islam first arrived with students who came to study medicine here.

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  13. The Barbados Water Authority corrects Outages in St Lucy on Sunday 26th August 2012

    On Saturday afternoon, August 25h, the Barbados Water Authority started to receive a number of complaints of low pressure and water outages in some St. Lucy areas. Investigations have shown that there is a problem at the Alleynedale Pumping Station in St. Lucy which has in turn affected the facilities at Half Acre, Lamberts and […]

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  14. Human Change We Can Believe In: by Denis Réale

    A recent symposium on evolution in Montreal posed to high-school students and university professors the following question: “Do you think that humans are still evolving?” Approximately 80% of the audience answered “no.” Indeed, there is an almost universal belief that, with multifaceted cultures and intricate technology, humans have freed themselves from the pressures of natural […]

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  15. Nevis Disaster Official calls for heightened alertness as 2012 Atlantic Hurricane season peaks

    Director of the Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD) Mr. Lester Blackett continued to urge persons on Nevis to remain in a state of alertness with as the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season peaked, a time when heightened activity was expected. Mr. Blackett’s advice came during an interview with the Department of Information, during the passage of […]

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  16. Energy Conscious Dominican Republic – “Turn off the lights!”

    Santo Domingo’s Presidency Administrative Minister Jose Ramon Peralta has ordered Presidential Palace employees to comply with seven rules in order to contribute to saving electricity and becoming more energy efficient. The rules include turning off lights, air conditioners, computers, printers, photocopiers and other equipment at lunchtime. In addition, air conditioners should be only used on […]

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  17. Fall Guy? Bermudian Perpetrator Falls Off Building, Gets Arrested

    A burglary suspect jumped off the roof of a building in an attempt to escape the police {late Friday}, however he fell on his face and was promptly arrested. Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said, “A few minutes after 7:30pm police responded to a report of a burglary that took place at a business on Court […]

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    It is an exhibition of sculptures of animals out of the ordinary. Sculpture solo shows in Barbados are pretty unusual at best, so come to Queen’s Park Gallery Pelican at 6.30pm on August 26th.

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  19. Barbadians in 2013 Rugby 7’s World Cup Regional Qualifier and NACRA 7s Championship to be broadcast via Rogers TV

    Rugby Canada will host the North American Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) 7s Championship in Ottawa this Saturday and Sunday August 25th and 26th. The tournament, which also serves as the regional qualifier for the 2013 Rugby 7s World Cup, takes place at Twin Elm Rugby Park in Nepean, On., and features teams from across the […]

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  20. Rum threat looming larger… By Sir Ronald Sanders

    In an unfortunate statement, attributed in several news reports to one of its spokespersons, the huge multi-national company, Diageo, has effectively threatened non-US Caribbean governments. Diageo is reported to have said that it would “re-evaluate” its relations with several rum producers in non-US Caribbean countries if their governments file a dispute against the United States […]

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  21. So much for Oprah & Chris Brown… Rihanna Tries To Cheer Robert Pattinson by ‘Sexting:’ ENTV

    Whither Rihanna‘s angst for Chris Brown and his career? Maybe it met the True Death as RiRi’s stakes have geared towards Robert Pattinson still smarting after his “Bella” ditched him for an older married man… Some feel like Miley Cyrus‘ new hair and tattoos are a sign that she’s in need of an intervention. Her […]

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  22. Nevis’ top cultural organisation prepares for Nevisians’ ideas to improve Culturama Festival

    Chairman of the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation (NCDF) Mr. Halsted “Sooty” Byron says the public should not look at a planned panel on the Culturama and its way forward as a talk shop. He said the discussion would serve to improve the annual summer festival in the short, medium and long term. Byron, who also […]

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  23. The Human Rights Revolution: BADRAN – The Arab Spring’s Backward Leap for Women by Hoda Badran

    This summer, as the dust of the Arab Spring revolutions begins to settle, women – who stood shoulder to shoulder with men in defying tyranny – are finding themselves marginalized and excluded from decision-making. Despite the new freedoms championed by the revolutionaries, women continue to be regarded as subordinate to men. In Tunisia, a mass […]

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  24. Jamaican national arrested and charged by Barbados’ Drug Squad

    Pete Dave Welch 25 year old Jamaican national has been arrested and charged by members of the Drug Squad for the following offences: 1. Possession 2. Possession with intent to supply 3. Trafficking, and 4. Importation of ½ lb of cannabis. He appeared at the District B Magistrate Court on Friday 24 August 2012. David […]

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  25. Sullivan Summit Ends With “The Spirit Of Malabo”

    Victor Mooney, AIDS activist and executive director of New York based – South African Arts International, Ltd. (SAAI) has pledged to keep the camaraderie alive; thereby, naming his Brazilian custom made ocean rowboat “The Spirit of Malabo” in a tweet earlier today. History was cemented on the shores of this tiny nation during the 9th […]

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