Jamaican Cleric expands publications – Reverend Allen says plans in place for another book this year: By Rawle Nelson

Maranatha Baptist Church founder and senior Pastor Reverend Peter Allen launched his first magazine titled “Reflection on Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary” recently. However, during the gala dinner launch held at his church he revealed plans for printing a book later this year. “I must admit that this is the first time that I have written a book. While I have a passion for writing and reading, I have written numerous articles but never a book,” a smiling Reverend Allen disclosed.

The pastor however pointed out with the success of this publication his desire and passion to commence working on another book has fuelled his desire to launch another before the end of the year. “I would like to indicate to all present that I have commence working on my second book and with God’s grace I will be launching that book later this year,” he said.

Reverend Allen thanked the several persons in attendance that included members of the United States Government and several other ministers representing various churches in and around Brooklyn. “I am very touched by the presence of so many persons here tonight and this I must stress will continue t motivate me in my writings. I have listened and heeded the many advices to venture out and begin writing books, so here is my first attempt,” he said to rousing applause.

The Maranatha Baptist Church founder related that while he enjoyed writing the book the challenges tested his strength, durability and mental toughness noting that the challenges were very significant. “…yes there were times when I questioned why I was doing this as there were numerous challenges. However with the unwavering support of my wife Norma and the determination to complete what I started we are here today at this launching,” he said.

The clergyman expressed his appreciation and thanks to several persons including sponsors who he said played a pivotal role in the book’s success. “Nothing can be accomplished alone, so I would like to thank some persons and companies for their role in the success of my first book,” he stressed.

He revealed he’d be approaching several persons and companies for the required finances so as to ensure that his second book is successful. “Let me remind all that nothing can be accomplished without finances and while God has given me the knowledge and inspiration to write, I need the help of those with the finances to ensure that the book gets published.”

He stressed the need for more Christian persons to venture into writing expressing a need to see more religious materials. “There is a need for a whole lot more materials and therefore I am urging anyone with the gift to write to venture into the art form as there is a need for more materials,” he positioned.

The church’s senior pastor in revealing the concept of his published book stressed the need for one to remember his/her roots cautioning that it’s imperative that we remember where we came from. He said that for years he had toiled with the idea adding that it was only recently he got the vision from God to write the book. “I had the idea for years but it was only some weeks ago that God gave me the vision so I aggressively pursued it and here I am with this book,” he declared.

Reverend Allen noted that Reflections on Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary seeks to recognize and examine while retracing the country’s growth and development from their Independence on 5 August 1962 to now. He pointed out that as such, it reflected on the various persons who served as Prime Ministers of the what is regarded as the world’s most popular third world country while reflecting on the last Premier before Jamaica gained its independence. “a number of persons served Jamaica as Prime Minister and therefore contributing in their own way to the development ad successes of this country,” he said.

He added, “it is with this I mind that my book sought to identify them while chronicling their years as Prime Minister and in the case of the late Bustamante his tenure as Premier while I also to reflect on some sectors which continues to highlight us on the international scene for example education, culture, sports, national symbols, Olympians George Kerr and Keith Gardener among others.”

Reverend Allen said that he is pleased thus far with the reviews and responses that he has been receiving with his first book noting that people continues to applaud and congratulate him on a well done job. “I am thankful that thus far the responses and review have been very good and as many of you in demonstrating your appreciation and acceptance of this book took the time out t share in its launch tonight and for this let me put in record my sincere thanks and gratitude,” he said.

He told those in attendance that while he will not release much more details on his planed second book as yet he assured all that it will be unique and exciting urging all to ensure that they get a copy adding, “it would be a book that you should not miss so ensure you get a copy when it is out.”

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