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Chain Of Fools – South Coast Restaurant still victimised, why?

Chain Of Fools – South Coast Restaurant still victimised, why?

Grady Mojo 21

When Bajan Reporter started, we enjoyed visiting Mojo’s on a Monday night for live entertainment – whether from France or Cricket World Cup, someone exciting would be there for a song and a joke or two…

This had to stop due to one neighbour, according to members of management at the popular south coast eatery, it went to court repeatedly and one decision handed down was since Mojo’s had a food license and staff undertook Bills Of Health then why wasn’t food served?

This is fine when one wants to go and have a lunch during the day, because they’re also popular at night is when Gremlins seem to arise from next door?

This was not to their detriment, they ended up growing much of their spices and veggies, used a lot of local ingredients and generally kicking butt in a way the neighbour did not expect… CBC television presenters are among the local celebrities who adore the watering hole as a place for a stylish yet inexpensive meal (and a sip on the side, LOL).

However, there has been a dark side and more than once – the same neighbour who tries to get Mojo‘s closed has broken the nose of a patron and smashed their mobile! Unfortunately, the neighbour offered a wad of cash as an out of court settlement to the unwitting victim and so no prosecutions were made…

This is when trouble seems to erupt when Mojo’s most likely to make a profit, all of a sudden there appears to be a problem?

What was their crime? Parking along Peronne Gap, which patrons usually have no choice doing once the Altman Real Estate‘s back yard is chained up – why is it locked off when this prevents a blockage along Peronne Gap? This is a point which has confused both police and magistrates, if you lock the yard after hours when Altman’s has no need for the area then parking is away from the neighbour in question…The person who owns where Altman’s branch operates is apparently out of the island or I’d be calling and asking questions all now (The owner is the father of a popular Rally driver, also known for surfing).

Here’s the dude in question locking off the Altman’s facility, making a regular divert, which then makes patrons park along Peronne Gap, isn’t it better to just let folks park there since no one is busy renting Villas after 6:00 pm?

Mojo‘s has to go to great expense hiring security to make sure if people are not blocking Peronne Gap then instead they’re directed to go and park by Cave Shepherd Worthing after hours, which the owner of that property does not mind at all… Some Bajans are lazy and if they have to walk two or three minutes, God forbid, they head for elsewhere which is what the neighbour seems to be aiming for… As it is, chaining the lot is foolish, it brings to mind Aretha Franklin’s hit honestly…

Guess who was allowed to hold the key to lock off Altman’s? Yep, the neighbour from – “Abandon hope all ye who enter here…” So a similar event to the nose-job happened again very recently, but this time, the police rather than siding with the neighbour as they usually appear to do (Could there be an incentive to do so?); instead the constabulary were ready to pelt him into Dodds.

Blurred it is, for mainly legal reasons, but his strut immediately reminded me of Charlie Chaplin as the Great Dictator

It was a Saturday into Sunday wee hours scene, and it was a woman this time around and the neighbour jumped from nowhere and roared at her, scared, she ran back into Mojo’s with the neighbour following screaming obscenities and bar staff trying in vain to quiet him. They called Worthing Police who arrive to hear him aggressively claim he was robbed (started flinging Mojo’s brochure stands and napkins all over the establishment to the shock of the few remaining customers) and he suspected everyone especially from ‘next door‘ – but he kept waving his hands about and the Police said calm down…

The man dared to imply he’d drop the vengeance of Mojo (my terminology) on the officers the second they slipped into mufti and went Off Duty. That was when the officers said if he don’t shut up, then they’ll give him a chance to make good on his threat on the spot!

Behind this paling is … ?? The neighbour; Bwa-hahahahahahahaha!!!

When one arrives or departs from Mojo’s they have a sign which is actually meant to make life easier for the neighbour although technically, they’re not allowed to dictate where parking can or cannot happen along Peronne Gap as it is a public and not a private road.

Amazingly, the neighbour was never more than slapped on the wrist for daring to threaten officers in the presence of  witnesses which has many wondering if there’s some special connection along the way which is not readily apparent? The parking matter itself has been adjourned until towards the end of next month…

In Bajan Reporter’s own humble view, since I have heard how Town & Country as well as Health Inspectors have appeared and had to leave since Mojo’s was within the law – does both the neighbour and the property owner have some sort of vested interest to see Mojo’s fail?

Mojo’s own landlord (separate from Neighbour & owner of Altman’s office space) does not have a problem, the Sea Breeze apartments across the street seldom complains and man whose nose got rearranged? His parents are close to the ‘blesséd‘ neighbour and they hardly ever comment on noise from Mojo’s…

If I had a neighbour like this, I’d demand a free lunch once a month and free drinks twice monthly regardless if it’s a Friday or Saturday! Especially seeing as how they made the effort to put up a sign accepting responsibility, but then some folks may not want booze…

Obviously, the landlord wants to see Mojo’s thrive but is Mojo’s the only place which is not under a particular Real Estate growth plan? I am not decreeing fait accompli, merely placing an open question to seek to establish what seems to be a concentrated effort to remove what appears to be a great investment if one had the profits in your own pocket?

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2 responses to “Chain Of Fools – South Coast Restaurant still victimised, why?”

  1. Mark Luckhoo Avatar
    Mark Luckhoo

    Thank you for writing such an informative article. This situation has gone on too long. Glad to see someone take a positive stand towards protecting a good business. Thank you, thank you and thank you !

  2. Mooks Avatar

    Honestly, this makes me intentionally want to park in perrone gap, it is a PUBLIC road! I live near bubba’s and belive me when there is a football match our street is filled with cars parking on side or road but it is what it is and MOST clients are respectful enough to not block our driveways or park too close to the corner, parking in barbados is a problem in most places but just like that man that lives near the gap and likes to cause problems for the bars in the gap this man is nothing but a pain in the butt and should be ignored!

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