Billboards to Mavado – if Police in Barbados are unsafe, are we? BLP’s Deputy political leader does Excellent Presentation at Redman’s Village

Barbados Free Press has ridden the Marshal as if he were Shane, the Man With No Name or Russell Crowe in “The Quick & The Dead” for quite some time now… Be it VECO or a gun brandished at Dale Marshall in Parliament, the St Joseph MP has been ridiculed for a good while and I want to make it clear I am not here for that!

Many were well prepared for the rains that night, they were determined to hear each word!

If/when Owen Arthur is ready to point his old boots to the sky and lay his bandolier in a saloon aside, then Dale is trying now to show why he’s ready to take over…

Marshall’s tones were modulated, he let the microphone do his projecting, Marshall kept to issues and did not sledge anyone’s reputation… The MP just stated his case in such a way if I were a Jurist I’d have to return in Dale’s favour be it Guilty or Innocent!

According to Dale Marshall, this is about as close Dottin will get with certain Superintendents or Deputy Commissioners

Even though rain was dribbling from the night skies just over the weekend when the presentation was made (rain stopped me from getting video), people did not move an inch as the former Attorney General during the Glendairy crisis made sure everyone understood why he was making such  a reasoning. Marshall’s concern is how the Rule Of Law has been biased even before the current Democratic Labour Party actually assumed the mantle of Bay Street and all its ensuing perks {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Marshall knew that many would feel objecting to a billboard is a petty issue but in his view, when one steals an egg, then you will eventually go for a hen, and far worse occurred while the DLP held sway! 

The disregard for protocol has led to Police itself being split asunder with the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner almost openly at war from the time a Dancehall concert was halted by Darwin Dottin while Bertie Hinds granted permission as the top cop was heading for the airport on Police business.

Marshall claims a cart road is near his house and this must have dropped off a vehicle when it hit a bump; he was referring to the Affidavit you hear him quoting in the audio clips…

It is now to the point where Junior Officers are allowed to consult with the Police Service Commission while Dottin has made umpteen requests which have for the most part, met ears made of granite, diamond or both {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The current PSC was appointed 15/01/2009 and yet Dottin never held an audience with them until 18/03/2009 and it was only treated as an Introductory session. Marshall’s view is the DEM’s are trying to get Dottin to resign, which he won’t budge.

The East Coast MP related he understood there’s a strong likelihood that certain constables at George Street celebrated back in January 2008 and did so by declaring one would chauffeur the PM (then Thompson) while the other declared he wouldn’t fumble in driving Stuart who was now assuming Marshall’s former status.

Owen was eager to let the audience know the night in question was his 6th Wedding Anniversary, but he never told us whatever happened to Beverley in what amounted to one of Barbados’ quietest divorces ever?

Owen himself while as muscular as ever in his exhortations for another try, finally dropped a slight tap in Clyde Mascoll‘s back {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

When Mascoll was Opposition Leader, as Owen reminded the other ex-DLP of his No Confidence attempt when it was believed Arthur was cutting a deal with construction magnate Bjorn Bjerkhamn for Port Denmark in St Peter… So what if the BLP decides to do the same? 

The St Peter MP however stopped short of declaring the same fate for Freundel Stuart over the proposed deal of trading 19.2 acres of Bagatelle for a paltry 9 acres of land in River Bay, St Lucy… But the Opposition Leader is probably hoping the Eleven who wanted to see Freundel would throw their lot behind the BLP for a new Palace Coup (Where heads are yet to roll)… {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Arthur declared Senator Andrew Bynoe is an astute businessman hoping to provide a small parcel of land for a huger portion.

Kerry Symmonds was equally muscular in his annoyance at the Sanitation Service Authority being usurped of Bagatelle for disposing and B’s Recycling apparently laying claim to the area for mining, which subverted the regular Cabinet procedures for such a deed to become real {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Half a century of discarded appliances is a lucrative potential for many businesses, but the way metal objects are recovered can make for more chaos  than remedy.

Symmonds told people to go on Google once they got home (Yes, the Senator meant me, but he does not wish to OFFICIALLY acknowledge I am there) then go and research “automobile shredders” which I did, apart from the dangers inherent with their residue, they are not quiet as you can watch in this video…

Symmonds also looked at how the silt or particles created as a result of grinding metal behemoths to fist sized cubes can not only float around Bagatelle but rain mixed with the drudge can flow all down to Holder’s Hill which is in front of West Coast hotels {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Kerry made great pains of letting the audience know how he helped a participant to get drains for when St Thomas and St Andrew wash down to near Treasure Beach at the foot of Holder’s Hill.

But when the former General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party as a then-sitting member of the BLP, did he not have from 2003 to 2007 to insist his constituents have proper drainage to prevent this and other inconveniences? Just asking…

If this BLP candidate loses in his bid for a Christ Church seat, he can always try for comedy, but I would not recommend he go to San Francisco for an audience with his current material…

Symmonds also sees dreadful gaps in legislation of Barbados for pollution and the environment, he demanded to know why Denis Lowe failed to step up and deliver {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

There are no pollution legislation which is not adapted for Barbadian conditions, he’s vowed to lay a suit against Government even if he’s cut off from Call In programmes on the radio.

Cynthia Forde was very glowing of Kerry’s presentation and urged the crowd to support him, while reminding residents not to respect people who jump from party to party for  glory’s sake {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Cynthia stated her heart and soul are the Bees and if she leaves politics then she is done with that game, not changing around like Hamilton Lashley! Wonder how Kerry or Rudy Grant felt at that point?

Cynthia is not exaggerating as to how senior citizens are trying to figure out what to do – I was in a queue at Light & Power while I heard an old man beg for mercy as he had to decide if to have light or get his medication and he can’t do both…

Since Bagatelle is both Senator Symmonds and her responsibility, she too looked at the burning issue of barter between B’s Recycling and swapping the metal facility for River Bay like kids with marbles, but what truly held her attention was how her constituents have more and more trouble each day meeting financial responsibilities {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

She spoke of old folks who have to decide which bill to pay and which food to skip and yet their Lights or Water are cut off in a moment’s notice, yet companies and hotels can be overdue in millions, while guests must be comfortable – the St Thomas MP acknowledges – can’t common sense or kindness prevail for older people?

In Sandra Husbands view, this is why strokes are on the rise among Bajans and therefore her Opponent Donville Inniss should not be shocked to learn there are at least 3 strokes a day in Barbados {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Now with the current economy, people cannot buy the correct food to have a correct diet and the stress of unpaid bills or unemployment in double figures will give anyone a heart attack!

Dalton Tyrone Lovell as usual, made his usual catcalls of implying certain Ministers were with Entertainers while the reason the Palace Coup never happened is one Minister alerted Stuart in a particular manner – I mean really! Which is worse when  you think  about it, yet even if it were so? That’s their business!

How many folks recall when Sandra Husbands used to be an Announcer at Rediffusion just before it became VOB?

During Tyrone’s rant, there was a guy who asked me if I didn’t know about the rumour of so-and-so; I looked him straight in the eye and stated I don’t follow that I deal with facts, issues and methods. Well, that man looked at m as  though he swallowed a turd! But he kept walking which is probably the same for what was in his cup?

Yet Tyrone had an excellent point – why was Barbados team so small and no results like so many other islands? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Instead of wasting $600K on the Alexandra Secondary impasse, or the $3 million wasted on Constituency Councils take the money and do like China or Brazil and seek athletes from toddlers to train and make a Medal Winner for Olympics down the road!

The crowd was not bursting at the seams, but a reasonable showing of 1,000 or so – what the Bees now need to convince are those Undecideds, the BLP needs to be contrite and show they’ve learned from the errors of their ways like spending $200 million in the Cricket World Cup…

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