Barbados Youth Development Council – Set better Standards: Save our Sons, Save our Society!

Crop Over 2012 is laid to rest and the post-mortem has begun on what were the hits and misses this festival. The heated debates will continue about which songs were the best, who should have won in the various competitions and discussion about various logistical adjustments to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the festival.

For certain Kadooment Day with its scenes of vibrant colour and infectious merriment are etched in the minds of those who participated or watched from the sidelines. These scenes will also be transmitted through our newspapers and will be the source of fond memories when pulled from the ‘archives’ of social media pages. However, buried beneath this merriment is a scene of the festival to which there should be no debate.

That scene should not create fond memories but disgust, outrage and a pause for introspection at the personal and collective level. That scene is the repulsive scene of young boys below the age of 10 years old being coaxed and even coerced to gyrate on grown women laying prostrate on the road while covering their assets in little more than beads and feathers during our national festival. {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

From year to year the debate continues as to whether public displays of simulated sex acts between adults are appropriate, be it ‘jukking, wukking up, or slamming de bumpa’. Even before that debate has been resolved the country has taken the issue to a totally different level. We now have sunk into the abyss of moral depravity where we have gone beyond acts between consenting adults to those between adults and children. Without a doubt these acts are nothing short of child sexual abuse being performed in the most heinous of ways against young males. As if these acts were not enough large crowds gathering smiling and cheering on these acts as if to stamp their approval and unanimous consent on the proceedings.

Yet this is a country which has been ranked as a leading developing country on the human development index and touts its social capital as its major resource. Say what you may about certain Western societies which are often referred to as ‘liberal’, while we refer to Barbadian society as being conservative. One can guarantee that such acts against children in any public setting would never be allowed without the perpetrators being duly charged and reprimanded.

At a time when the rest of the Caribbean is reeling from new discoveries of instances of child abuse we find it apt to display our blissful ignorance of these matters in the midst of our premier festival. Moreover this is in the face of a recently concluded CARICOM meeting which issued the following in its communiqué -“having reviewed several studies that highlighted a disturbing trend in sexual abuse of children, the Council Human and Social Development (COHSOD) condemned all forms of sexual abuse of children and agreed that there could be no justification for such practice”. Not even in the midst of our time to ‘free up and revel’ should we even contemplate any such action with or without a young male’s consent.

BYDC President – Jason Francis; “One can only imagine how hyper-sexualised these young males are as they return to school in September following their experience during our festival? What messages are we teaching our young boys? How do we get them to respect girls of their age? How do we combat issues of gender based violence, sexual promiscuity and low respect for females if we have a culture which teaches these boys to do the opposite? Do we understand the symbolism of a grown woman on her hands and feet, half naked in public gyrating on a minor?

In the past we have had public officials on record stating that the behaviour of our children is due to ‘demon possession’. If one is to follow this argument then the question must also be asked, how do such children become ‘possessed?’ Following Grand Kadooment’s displays of indecency involving young males, the answer to this must now be a foregone conclusion.

There is a popular quote from Edmund Burke which should stir every right thinking Barbadian in our society who believes such issues have no impact on him or her, ‘all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.’ As these scenes of vulgarity and lewdness ‘trend’ across Twitter and Facebook one wonders what would be the result if some foreign journalist snooping for a salacious story were to highlight this aspect of our country. A country which has ‘signed’ on to the UN Convention on the rights of the child. Maybe some may argue that there are nothing new, perhaps they are correct but for those of us seeing such acts for the first time whether they be live on kadooment day or via social media it is a stern wakeup call that our society is not functioning as it should.

We need to set higher standards in our society, arrest the pervasive moral and social decay and reverse the trend of wanton self-destruction exhibited by several of our young men. But this can only be done by adults (male and female alike) who respect themselves, who respect their country and most of all who respect our children and care about this island’s future. We ought to, we should and we must know and do better Barbados!

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  1. I think that until more people realise that ALL celebrations are rituals, whether the entities that are being given honour to in the ritual celebrations are benevolent or not. However, in celebrations such as Kadooment, we can clearly see they type of entities being honoured by the type of vulgarity men and women would perform in public. The fact that whole crowds sometimes partake in these worships, for that is what they are doing, shows that not only the individual ‘dancers’ are heavily influenced and overshadowed by these entities, but also the crowd to a large extent.
    Many of these same people in the crowds that cheer blindly will also be those that go to church on Sunday, feeling that they are doing and fulfilling their gods’ work.
    If you do not believe in entities that use people, ask yourself how; could otherwise ‘normal’ behaving people change their persona to such an extent, that they would not even recognize themselves? After all, I am sure that if some stranger came to them and asked them if they could use their children for simulated sex acts, and in public, cheered on by crowds, they would be outraged beyond understanding at the sick audacity of it. Yet they themselves willingly perform these very same simulated not far from the real thing in total public on other people’s children.
    I know that it is very uncomfortable for some individuals to embrace the idea that this whole world is controlled to a large extent by forces that use people mercilessly for nefarious purposes if they open themselves up to this abuse. But the problem cannot be solved if people continue to close their minds to it. The proof is all around. How much longer do you think the
    Recognize that you are responsible for allowing entities who would used you for your own gain if you do not watch your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical diets. And by spiritual I do not mean religious. That has never done anything for anyone in the positive. So try to wake up and take back control of you is my message to you. Good luck.


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