Barbados under Siege and Being Held Hostage by the DLP (LETTER TO THE EDITOR from Henderson Bovell)

Barbados under Siege and Being Held Hostage by the DLP (LETTER TO THE EDITOR from Henderson Bovell)


Barbados is a remarkable society but one where the DLP believes – the people have short memories. It was not long ago when there was so much work in this country that Barbados was forced to import labour. A lot has changed since the DLP’s rule of decline began – to the extent that if accurately reported – unemployment would now be in the region of some 15%. This is further proof that going back to the dangerous policies of the DLP that have failed Barbados and left the country in a mess – would be a backward and a disastrous move. It is why all over Barbados, people who have never voted and including die-hard Dems – are saying the same thing: “We can’t take five more years of the DLP as the Government.”

Imagine! As a Minister of Housing in this country, Lionel Craig built Rosemont, West Terrace; Ferniehurst, Bonnetts and Haynesville but he is not regarded as the best Housing Minister this country has had although he is a success story. Why! This country is impressed by gimmicks and froth! That why you can literally give away over two hundred and twenty thousand square feet of land in Barbados (as the DLP did) and be regarded as a national hero on housing!

You also know that much has “gang aft agley” when the so-called “squeaky clean” DLP Government of “accountability” and “good governance;” seems more interested in spending $598,000 to inquire and find-out things about the Alexandra School (it had already found-out)… Yet they don’t seem interested in finding-out why it seems impossible for the so-called DLP ‘Government of freedom of information‘ to provide any written contract for inspection by the public for a $899,171.60 water meter contract; said to have been awarded a company by a DLP operative.

In Bovell’s view? “What patriotic Barbadians find even more “disturbing” about the DLP (which alleged that BLP operatives have millions stashed in overseas bank accounts) is what type of “fuzzy Math” would compel anybody in the DLP to see it as “a good deal” in the national interest – to swap 9.8 for 20 acres of land! It cannot be that the DLP is trying to pay less in Land Tax! Can it?”

And Barbadians know that all is not “squeaky clean,” and yet – the people are silent and are behaving as though it can be business as usual, even when of all people – serious attempts seem to be – being made to “D-commission” the Commissioner of Police of Barbados! Look! If the DLP can take-out a “WHOLE” Commissioner of Police, they will feel that they can take-out anybody, although they are already “taking-out” taxpayers and targeted people within the Public Service!

Meanwhile, the country sinks and continues on its fast free fall from prosperity to crisis. Not only has the DLP done everything humanly possible to get Barbados downgraded from being the #1 developing country in the world to “JUNK” but credible reports now indicate that – under the DLP – Barbados is “broke” and “broken:” with barely enough in the Treasury to pay salaries and wages! It is getting worse! This is the society the DLP is building and one where: poverty is now some 33.3%, unemployment continues to rise, so too inflation and the same cost of living the DLP promised to reduce.

The DLP just does not get it! Barbadians gave the DLP the chance it begged for. They do no wants anymore of its excuses why the economy is in crisis, they simply wanted to know what the DLP was going to do to clean-up the mess it continues to make. And since it is now crystal clear that the DLP has no sensible plans or good ideas – to even “FIX” the economy it broke – the people just want it to call elections!

Barbadians find it deeply disturbing that having promised “CHANGE” and a “pathway to progress,” the DLP has no successes except downgrading Barbados to “JUNK” and causing Barbadians unnecessary pain, as a result of its reckless mismanagement of the affairs of state.

Here is its record: The DLP downgraded Barbados; reduced the quality of life of Barbadians; robbed the country of its hope; stopped Barbadians from enjoying the happiness and prosperity they did under the BLP; punishes the people’s success with its draconian taxes, wrecked the economy and it has now succeeded in making Barbados a joke. For example, how can the DLP seriously and sensibly lead a CSME to prosperity when it has led Barbados to “JUNK?” And, if the DLP cannot manage the Barbados economy, how can it sensibly give leadership to 15 within CARICOM, especially when it is crystal clear that the Prime Minister – who is expected to lead – does not know what to do and even “IF” he did – he does things in “phases!”

It now seems as though the DLP’s new job #1 is a determination to wreck the Police Force. Don’t these people – who promised “CHANGE” – have any good or sensible ideas? This is a time for “serious people;” “serious policies” and “serious politics!” How can you have a man as a Minister, who is happy that his legacy will be that as: “the man who caused Barbados to lose 2,700 jobs and over $1.5 billion in investments?”

Then there is the ‘fellah‘ who has re-engineered a new form of slavery, which erodes what Tom Adams and the BLP did through the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act. What is it with this DLP out-fit and giving away huge tracks of Barbadian land but only to “brand name people? Not only have they “downgraded” Barbados, but they seem to be an obsession by the DLP to convert this country (in less than five years) from being a society of serious people to being a “banana republic!”

{FILE IMAGE} Given the damage the DLP has already done to Barbados; will continue to do the longer it remains in office and will do again if “re-elected, in the words of Oliver Cromwell, I say to Barbadians: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.” The DLP is bad for Barbados! It was not form to serve or contribute but because a group of people wanted power! Therefore, my caution to the DLP is simple: “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

Stop holding the country hostage, call elections!

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