Barbadian Consumer feels like telling Chefette – “PLUCK YOU!” over badly prepared Poultry

The Facebook Irregulars get more and more active and seek the services of Bajan Reporter on realising Barbados finally has a voice for demanding excellence in service, this guy who wrote me was still mad even though a few days have passed and I know if it was me, I’d be pretty grossed out too…

{FILE IMAGE – CHEFETTE BLACKROCK} I have written to Chefette many times and they have ignored my complaints, except one occasion when the main owner Assad Haloute was angry enough to threaten to pull ads from CBC as I was still Anchor then, it was over a letter of complaint in early 2004 for poor service when I suggested to family and friends use the then New Thriving Chinese Restaurant on Country Road or the erstwhile Big John‘s at Mall 34. (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

(I was using pictures from their website on my Home Page, now when I show pic’s of Chefette I make sure they’re my own original shots taken in Public Domain settings) Considering my late father was a major force in building Chefette to the heights where it is today with his unique style of advertising, it’s very sad…

In order to ensure there’s no question of the letter’s veracity I left most of the time-date stamp data for all to review along with the concern – what is sad is the letter was not just purely bashing, the guy liked the service he got; it’s just the quality of the product left vast room for improvement…

From: ********
To: *****;
Subject: Quality Complaint/Service Compliment
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 00:33:53 -0400

Good Evening,

I send this email in hopes to receive a prompt response from what I experienced today.


I bought the Chico Pak special from your Blackrock drive-thru branch and the service I received was superb even the warm friendly smiles made me definitely to become a repeat customer if I wasn’t.


On the chicken leg a clustered group of feathers remained on it to my suprise when I opened the box upon reaching home. I was so disgusted about the sight and so tired after a long day’s work, I had no option but to discard the chicken and dine on some good old saltbread and cheese. {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

I know the chicken goes through many processes which those feathers should have never left the kitchen (plucking, marinating, flouring, deep-frying even packaging/boxing) and no one noticed it and that’s what annoyed me.

I took pictures from my mobile phone just to show as a regular valued customer what I was served and looking at the photos I’m sure you wouldn’t eat that either. I am honestly quite disappointed.

From: ********
To: *****;
Subject: RE: Quality Complaint/Service Compliment
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 19:28:16 -0400

Good Evening,

48 hours have now passed since I sent this email and not even a response of apology or a thanks for the feedback of your Black Rock branch. I do hope this email was mistakenly ignored. {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

  • BAJAN REPORTER – I sent a letter complaining of Chefette Rockley 4 years ago, I was on a 1 man rampage and boycotted Chefette & KFC for a year, to no avail – when I sent the letter to NISE? They printed it in the dead-trees but used a generic ‘Fast Food outlets‘ instead of shaming and naming names! I even explained how I wrote to both KFC & Chefette and sent via eMail and regular postal service, but they still turned yellow at the last minute… Maybe things will go better for this guy this time around?
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