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  1. “Ending Criminal Defamation in the Caribbean” – IPI’s alarm over outdated libel laws which target Caribbean media

    Earlier this year in Santo Domingo, Latin journalist Johnny Alberto Salazar was sentenced to six months in jail for slander and libel. The charges stemmed from Salazar’s on-air comments accusing Pedro Baldera, a local Human Rights Committee official, of “protecting delinquents and people linked to organised crime.” Salazar, an elected council member and well-known local […]

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  2. Backing Australia and Finland: The Caribbean at One By Sir Ronald Sanders

    The 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries will be supporting Australia and Finland for two of the ten non-permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) when elections are held in the UN General Assembly in New York in October. There is good reason to do so. As frustrating as the wrangling between its five […]

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    Canada’s cultural, entertainment and financial capital gets to celebrate the spirits – and the spirit – of the Caribbean at an extraordinary event which brings to an end a dynamic explosion of Caribbean life and culture in the country’s largest city. The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the region’s tourism development agency, unleashes the Caribbean’s vibrancy, […]

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    To assist with the post Tropical Storm Isaac relief efforts organised by the Haitian Government, Digicel reacted immediately to a request from the social protection programme “Ti Manman Cheri” to organise the transfer of emergency relief payments to Haitian mothers affected by the storm using its Tcho Tcho mobile money service. The mothers selected are […]

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  5. New Trinidadian film “The Cool Boys” explores young Caribbean masculinity

    In a region such as the Caribbean where film making is considered by many as a burgeoning art form, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (which will take place from September 19th to October 2nd 2012) has become an annual grand stage for practitioners to display their works. For this year’s staging, one particular film, […]

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  6. House Raffle for Montserrat’s 50th Cultural Festival

    The Montserrat Tourist Board has launched a house raffle as part of its promotions for Montserrat’s 50th Anniversary Festival being held December 14th 2012 – January 1st 2013. The two-bedroom house with oceanic view located in the Lookout Village of Montserrat is valued at 160,000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars. The individual or organisation who wins the […]

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  7. CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited short listed for prestigious STEP Private Client Award

    CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited has been named a finalist of the STEP Private Client Awards 2012/13, the only credible international awards that cover the whole private wealth sector. It is among five worldwide firms shortlisted for the Institutional Trust Team of the Year accolade. Entries go through a rigorous practitioner-led three-stage judging […]

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  8. The Caribbean and Climate Change: Does anyone care? By Rebecca Theodore

    As the debate on climate change continues to gain momentum, it has aggressively anchored onto the shores of the Caribbean, changing tides, and personalities and bringing with it many conspicuous results. In hushed aberrations, water is suddenly exuding from distant fountains. Gathering clouds and rising storms cascade in turbulent forms. Rivers cry of desolation and […]

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  9. Drugs seizure at Barbados Port

    An operation by the members of the Drug Squad at the Bridgetown Port on Thursday 30 August 2012 resulted in the seizure of 4 packages of cannabis weighing approximately 38 lbs, found in 2 drums which were suppose to contain fuel. The container, the motorcars and the drums have been seized pending further investigations. David Welch […]

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  10. BARBADIAN ALTERNATIVE: “Rock The Rock” for November 10th in Bath, St John

    This will be one of the best concerts ever to be seen in Barbados. Keep an eye out for more info!

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  11. Europe’s Necessary Union by Jose Manuel Barroso – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    The consequences of Europe’s debt crisis are all too present throughout much of the European Union, as distressed economies attempt to stabilize and grow at the same time. Notwithstanding the important decisions taken over the last couple of years, the reality is that we need to do more to tackle the challenges facing the eurozone. […]

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  12. The NATO Global Hub by Richard Weitz: Copyright – Project Syndicate, 2012

    What should an alliance do when its leading member and dominant pillar decides to shift its focus to the other side of the world? NATO leaders have been grappling with this question since US President Barack Obama’s announcement of his administration’s “pivot” to Asia last year compelled them to examine the Alliance’s global role. NATO […]

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  13. “The Iceman” Based on a True Story (2012), fea. – Ray “Goodfellas” Liotta, Benicio “21 Grams” Del Toro & Chris “Fantastic 4” Evans

    The Iceman is the electrifying true story of Richard Kuklinski a notorious mob contract killer and loving family man. He earned his nickname by freezing the bodies of his victims, disguising the time of death, and throwing police off-track. He was a man who used his tendencies toward violence and detachment from consequence to create […]

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  14. RUGBY, RUGBY, RUGBY!! B.R.F.U announces start of 2012-2013 Season

    Rugby returns to the Historic Garrison Savannah on Saturday, September 1, 2012 as the BRFU’s season gets underway at the home of rugby in Barbados. Four teams will be competing for the league championship: Emperors, Renegades, Scorpions and Tridents. The action is expected to be intense as long-standing rivalries and a certain desire to prove […]

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  15. BangZoom! Entertainment (Artopia) Voice Acting Seminar: AK 2012 in Barbados

    Calling all Voice Actors! Would you like get valuable feedback from an industry veteran? Then sign up for the Voice Actor Auditions on Saturday 1st September 2012! See poster for more details! Bang Zoom! Entertainment is an award-winning full-service audio post and creative production company situated in the heart of Burbank, California. This dynamic company […]

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  16. “The Company You Keep” (2012) – Robert “The Sting, Indecent Proposal” Redford, Susan “Witches Of Eastwick, Bull Durham” Sarandon & Shia “Transformers” LaBeouf in HD Movie

    Sharon Solarz is nervous. She’s driving along a lonely road, lost in thought. As she goes over a hill, her car drifts a little too close to the center-divide and shes almost crushed by a truck going in the opposite direction. Rattled further, she pulls into a gas station. She looks like any another woman […]

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  17. KFC’s Club Chicky Heads for Belleville & Throws Support Behind Barbadian Summer Camp

    Sponsored for the first time by KFC’s Club Chicky, the Wee Care Nursery and Pre School Camp, located at 5th Avenue Belleville, proved to be that much more special for its 85 campers thanks to a surprise visit from adored Club Chicky mascot, Chicky. With shrieks of joy the campers crowded Chicky with hopes of […]

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  18. Anime Kon 2012 – Omega Nexus (Book): Bajan-American Science Fiction Authors Roger & Jerry Reece

    A full review of the book is to appear here at Bajan Reporter shortly, this book is an excellent read so far, it flows well! You further discover that the people who created you are now poised to overthrow the government. But first they must find you and fifty others like you scattered throughout the […]

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  19. Sign a petition against David Cameron’s Air Passenger Duty, free the skies!

    In the last six years, Air Passenger Duty (APD) – the paid by airlines for each passenger departing a UK airport – has risen more than 300 per cent on many routes – while inflation has increased barely 20 per cent. This level of increase has no justification and no international parallel. Yet the UK […]

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  20. Historian Sir Howard Fergus launches Commemorative look at 50 years of Montserrat’s Festival

    Montserrat’s foremost author and historian Sir Howard Fergus takes a look at the island’s most enduring cultural festival in his new book ‘Festival at Fifty’. The book launch for the new 145-page project is scheduled for Wednesday 29 August at the Montserrat National Trust in collaboration with the Open Campus of the University of the […]

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  21. Tribute To Sinatra? Wayne Wonder Announces First Album In Six Years – ‘MY WAY’ on Singso Music

    Wayne Wonder, the world-renowned singer known for his velvety vocals, pulsating rhythms and catchy hooks, has announced the release of My Way, his first new album in six years available on November 20. My Way is Wonder’s first album on his own label Singso Music after his departure from VP Records. He founded Singso Music […]

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  22. Barbados under Siege and Being Held Hostage by the DLP (LETTER TO THE EDITOR from Henderson Bovell)

    Barbados is a remarkable society but one where the DLP believes – the people have short memories. It was not long ago when there was so much work in this country that Barbados was forced to import labour. A lot has changed since the DLP’s rule of decline began – to the extent that if […]

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  23. Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, Paralympian, writes ahead of the London 2012 Paralympic Games

    I will never forget the emotional moment when London was awarded the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I was alongside Sebastian Coe at the IOC meeting in Singapore in July 2005 which made the decision – and when London won, there were wild celebrations at home and in the hall. Since 2005, the focus has […]

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  24. “Government’s Role to Global Synergies for the Cultural Industry” – CEACIS SUMMIT 2012, fea. Stephen Lashley; Min. of Family, Culture, Sports & Youth

    The Caribbean Entertainment & Cultural Industry Summit (CEACIS) is an event aimed at educating entertainers and persons within the cultural industries about the use of social media, information technology, and marketing for Global branding. Stephen Lashley, Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth will speak under the theme “Government’s Role to Global Synergies for the […]

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  25. ‘Merkel in China – Straddling a Tripolar economy?’ by Sanjaya Baru, Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    At home, Merkel recently sent out a clear message to her critics that Germany must pay a price for eurozone leadership. She cautioned her colleagues against loose talk about a “Grexit” – Greece’s exit from the Eurozone – and assured visiting Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras that Germany remained committed to his country’s membership of […]

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