“Too many failed login attempts” Who is trying to hack Bajan Reporter and WHY?

“Too many failed login attempts” Who is trying to hack Bajan Reporter and WHY?


It seems this or Online Newspaper or whatever you wish to refer here as has angered someone in the last few weeks?

This site is a WordPress domain partially for control and ease of use, but also for Security reasons! WordPress offers better protection than many other domains…

When I see the failed attempts, I laugh, the hackers have been using false re-routes as an attempted back-door… If one takes the locales as gospel then – Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and Mexico have all tried to gain access but the place that really loves me is Madrid!

Why has this happened all of a sudden, what have I created? Yet I do recall a comment on I recently did…

“Ian, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you store all of this information/data in both digital and hard copy forms at a location OTHER THAN YOUR HOME that is SECRET, SAFE and SECURE. Of course, you understand where I’m coming from. Thank you and please keep up the good work.”

Now was this a genuine well-wisher? Was it a clever warning disguised as an ally? The intrigue makes Dune or The Tudors appear simple in their !

One of the earliest occasions was October last year, then January, it dropped off sharply and has been running repeated attempts from all up to now… Thing is, I know I’ve pissed off both main political parties, and the third fringe outfit so pinpointing a culprit is like separating needles and hay-stalks…

Anyhow, those who need to know in details are fully aware of the attempt – they said being that my coverage is wider and more daring than most Bajan media houses, this development is of no true surprise. Just remember which has been attributed to yet some dispute that as well…



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