President of the Barbados Bar Association sees special Unit for Raul Garcia as Tax Inefficient – Let the former Convict live and work here!

Recently when the United Nation’s Navi Pillay was here in Barbados the matter of Raul Garcia, a former Narco-Trafficker of no fixed nationality was drawn to the Commissioner’s attention by the Bajan Reporter – she indicated how the Chief Justice made her aware of the conundrum having served his time…

President of the Bar Association of Barbados, Andrew Pilgrim – as far as he’s concerned? Raul Garcia is a Barbadian for all the time the ex-con, now avid Artist, spent here – which was told to the Bajan Reporter in an exclusive interview in Wildey recently…

This time around we decided to approach Andrew Pilgrim, well known dramatist and President of the Bar Association for his view… In his view, making a special facility for Garcia to reside in is a waste of public funding which can ill afford to be wasted, his solution is sharper and far more radical {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Raul Garcia is Barbados’ problem whether we like it or not, release him not make a jail within a jail.

The Bar Association President also feels Garcia is a Barbadian for now and should be accorded certain privileges as such {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

There is no choice but to allow Garcia not only live in Barbados but get a job to maintain himself as well!

It is situations like this where recidivismwhere ex-felons pressured to conform to society often return to the problems which made them get arrested – is a rampant challenge to Barbados who is too small a territory to endure such a burden; however… Guiding the next generation is where avoiding such a mindset is what will prevent further Raul Garcia’s {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

While establishing legislation would assist in the fight against ex-inmate discrimination, it is more powerful to start educating Barbadians that when a person has served their time then it is time to allow them a chance to be a part of siociety again… In addition, convicts need to have relevant programmes which provide skills which can see them with faster re-employment on release…

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