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NISE Casebook – when Carlton wasn’t so A1, is SurePay so certain? Plus ScotiaBank’s NISE award seems to have faded?

NISE Casebook – when Carlton wasn’t so A1, is SurePay so certain? Plus ScotiaBank’s NISE award seems to have faded?

Bissessar 036

You’ll recall that NISE recently lauded the Bank of Nova Scotia for 100 improvements in 100 days, but if you remember when the launch happened I asked Kim Tudor does NISE make sure people continue to maintain their standards? While the National Initiative for Service Excellence may keep their flag high, we were not that surprised when it seemed an outpost of what is more colloquially known as Scotiabank fell down, look below…

This stretch of people was at 1:00 pm or Lunchtime on the end of June (yes, only now reached this item – sorry!), when this is the only key moment many have to clear debts, is it time for Banks to do like USA and run from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and accommodate the average joe? One irate queue member says in Jamaica, all banks must have all Teller’s cages occupied from start to close or else bottles will fly!

This was not an isolated incident at Haggatt Hall that very day, at the same said time here’s what is an all too common occurrence with Sure Pay also unfolding!

It is claimed we waste 30% of our lives in waiting for service, surely modern man has found a means to reduce this by at least half?

Is this fair to consumers who may not have another moment available? Sure Pay is operated by Illuminat, which is a computer company so why do Sure Pay cashiers always blame their operating network for running so slowly as the primary cause for a backlog which makes for long lines such as this? This happens whether you use Sure Pay at 8:00 am or 11:00 am or 2:00 pm or 7:15 pm if a venue is open so late…

What about when customers have ideas and owners seem not too thrilled the folk who actually make them rich are developing ideas to lessen trouble for people to spend more money with them?

I went to the supermarket Carlton A1 in Blackrock and set about trying to use my points which I accumulated for years, a whopping 716 points which the cashier thought was $50 so I got some basic items and whipped out the card… Wrong! You have to go to a booth where the officer prepares a voucher which is then disbursed in 48 hours? I asked the officer – Why can’t they do like Magna and let you use your points as a debit card transaction? The balance is mailed as a cheque if any are left? That is Magna, I am told… So I decide to go higher…

I was amazed and asked if Senator Andrew Bynoe (the owner) was on duty, and was told his wife is present – so I asked to speak with her, I was trying to suggest the same Magna method and she is doing her best to shush me and let me know “the procedure” as she referred to it… I said I understand what she’s saying, but I am trying to explain what can be done as an alternative in future?

You ever watch ‘Lie To Me‘ with Tim Roth? Great programme, it shows you all about Body Language and what the person does or how they glance at people and objects is the real answer as opposed to what words emerge from between their lips… Why did I interrupt myself? Because the next part is two responses…

I am beginning to suspect the reason Carlton & Emerald City A1 embrace Proper Pork and the pig as a mascot, is not for prices, but perhaps the way some staff tend to handle the public? Not declaring this as ‘ipso facto,’ just pondering?

I am trying to offer a different way to handle future complaints in their distribution of cash rewards or however you call their system; she is deferring my counter-proposal as I remind her the same way I listened to her, can she not hear out my version of an idea?

Verbally, Mrs Bynoe tells me – “Go ahead, I’m listening!

This was stated while she looked down at the ground and proceeded to cross her arms. I went ahead, even though I am sure she was reviewing some other task in her head, not a shopping list – she’s already in a supermarket!

By the way, because I was assertive and kept insisting on alternatives, it was not Mrs Bynoe but the Officer in question from Customer Service who ran to me and handed over a voucher done in less than half an hour for the princely sum of $71.00

Well, I should have done a jig right? Could buy out the store, huh? Some 48 hours – If this was done to hush a customer who insisted on their consumer rights, what else can be done? Perhaps offer more value on their cash reward points? Increase by the very 10% the Senator hubby of Mrs Bynoe suggested should be removed from all Bajans’ wages as a means of holding strain in harsh economic times? Maybe the Upper Chamber in Parliament should offer to operate at a reduced level of salary instead? I dunno, what about 10%??

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