Maranatha Baptist Church launches magazine in recognition of Jamaica’s Independence by Rawle Nelson

The Maranatha Baptist Church will be launching a magazine to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence. This disclosure was made by the Reverend Peter Allen, who heads the church which is situated at 1104 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn.

Allen disclosed that the execution of the magazine dubbed “Reflection on Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary” is another of the many innovative initiatives that the church has introduced in reaching out to the community that it serves.

“We recognize that as a church, we have a spiritual, moral and social responsibility in reaching out to both the saved and unsaved; that is why we have been organizing over the years a number of programs and projects,” Allen said. He pointed out that despite the evident challenges being faced by his small church; they are committed in completing the project.

We are faced with challenges as securing advertisements and other financial support to aid in the execution of the project, has provided some challenges for us. I can tell you that my members and I remain committed and steadfast towards executing this effectively,” he declared.

The Jamaican born Allen said that readers will enjoy various features within the magazine such as a review on each prime minister to have served the country from 1962, a look at pre-independence, Jamaica moving to self governance, Jamaican jokes, Alphabet of love, reelections of some of the country’s great sporting and political icons and 50 most important dates in Jamaica’s history.

“I can assure you that this magazine is going to be a great experience and another avenue for readers to learn more about Jamaica and where the country has come from to now over the past 50 years,” said Allen who is the founder of the church

Allen disclosed that the launch is slated to take place on July 28 at a dinner to be held at the church. He said that following the launch of the magazine, persons would be able to access it free of cost. “This magazine can serve as an ideal gift for friends, relatives or just about anyone who you would like to enhance their knowledge and education about Jamaica,” he said.

Maranatha Baptist Church has over the years strived to execute programs and projects that are both educational and inspirational as our primary objective seeks to enhance and rebuild lives. As such, I am very excited about this new initiative that we are working on. I firmly believe that through initiatives like these we would be able to reach out to all with our primary goal of spreading the word of God to all,” he noted.

Reverend Allen pointed out that while a number of activities are being staged to salute his country’s independence, he said that nothing much in terms of activities outside of church services by churches are being organized. “There are some church services but other than that nothing more is really being done by the churches. Therefore, we have decided to venture further by executing this project. There are several secular events but nothing from the churches so Maranatha Baptist intends to play its part,” he said.

Commenting on the magazine, Allen said that while there may be other such publications, what makes his church’s magazine d8fferent are the issues, topics and features that the magazine will have. “We are first a church and as such, whatever we do must be in line with Christian principles and teachings, therefore this is not just another magazine out there but one with a difference that I firmly believe all should have,” Allen said.

He further said that readers will have an opportunity to have significant information on all the prime ministers and those who played a pivotal role in securing Jamaica’s independence all in one magazine rather than having to read several books.

We are living in an age where people are no longer keen on preserving information and history, so having this magazine will serve an important role especially among those persons who may be unable to read several books for the history and other important details on Jamaica”.

“Because of limited time people are seeking ways and means in getting more sophisticated in accessing information so we at the church recognize that such a magazine, which reaches out to the evolving age of needs would be very important,” the Church founder said.

Commenting on the importance of advertisements, Allen stressed that the success of the project relies mostly on the support that advertisers are prepare to offer. He pointed out that some advertisers are reluctant to advertise in Christian related materials citing that it doesn’t help in growing their business a view that Allen doesn’t agrees with.

Advertisers must know that with such a magazine their business will gain greater exposure for their media spends as their marketing efforts will now expand tremendously taking into consideration that the magazine is a historical one;” he argued. Allen thanked the Law Offices of Maurice Maitland who he said was playing a major role in partnering with his church to execute this project.

When I approached Mr. Maitland on this initiative he immediately agreed and even ventured to assist in securing the resources to ensure that the project is successful. I would like to personally and publicly thank him as it is companies and individuals like these who would help in furthering our goal of spreading the word of God to all through various avenues and platforms” he declared.

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