Hastings Police under fire at Brittons Hill Town Hall: Attorney General stays briefly – WHY?

As you may be aware, there was a town Hall by St Paul’s Primary School the other night and it was an eye-opener for the new Administration of the southern sub-station…

Hailing originally from St Peter, Sr Supt Sobers was determined to see Hastings Police rise above a previous reputation – so much so, he gave his Direct line of 430-7158 and his Mobile 230-8068 for the neighbours to call him at any moment to ensure Police did their job!

They were seeking to allay fears made in a Barbados Today item which claimed Crime was up in Hastings (which entails the environs of Brittons Hill as well) by 30% and this was addressed by Station Sergeant (St Sgt.) Peter Dawson, who almost contradicted himself in pooh pooh-ing such attributions.

Some residents were operating under Urban Legends sometimes perpetuated by Officers themselves, which the Hastings Admin had to clarify thoroughly – like this resident who wants early morning walks yet was told 4:30 am is a prime time for theft! While anytime is ripe for crime, they advised caution be the watchword and take early walks in groups of 3 or more…

Dawson sought to say crime is small in these areas, showing an instance where between January to June this year there were only 2 robberies in a section of Brittons Hill – yet he says if 2 households are robbed, then in reality 20 people are affected by the crime since there is a ripple which encompasses others… Is this not undoing his rebuttal?

Usually a place of learning for youngsters in the day, that evening was also a learning experience for both sides that night in what Bajan Reporter hopes are far more frequent Town Hall meetings!

The Station Sergeant’s report also indicated the 3 most prone areas in Britton’s Hill include Reece Road, Cummings Road and Brittons Cross-Road. He also made it clear how specific terms are used when laying charges for alleged perpetrators…

  • Burglary – is Trespassing without Permission and/or Stealing
  • Robbery – is Theft with Physical and/or Verbal Assault incl. of (Attempted) Theft, yet?
  • Assault with Intent to Rob – means a Botched Theft
  • Other Crimes – are numerous incl. of taking a Lawn Mower in Verandah, Breaking a Window and removing a TV set or other property
  • Drugs – refers to Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin & etc.

I was not duly impressed with how they chose a Time-Frame of January to June 2012 and yet not offer comparison to either last year and 2010 as well?

The guy in the front row is almost like “Oh boy, Bajan Reporter sees the Attorney General is here – biiIIiig Trouble!” but he could relax, Adriel flew the coop, uh, split, ahem, he departed before I got the chance to get him to address the residents’ concerns…

Media Communications Officer St Sgt. Stephen Griffith asked for Bajans to do like the old days and be “malicious,” in that one should peep first before opening a door to a person; he urged people to switch to Debit Cards rather than pocketing fees for errands on their body or bags; Griffith says the same way a person studies for school or a new job that crooks also study the ways of a district before they set about plundering it.

This lady tried summoning the EPD and the Environment Ministry (Denis Lowe? And “work” in the same sentence?) to debush a property next to her, she ended up researching and locating the real estate’s owner before Gov’t did – why am I not surprised?

Senior Superintendent Deighton Sobers was very alarmed at what appeared to be apathy among those attending the session, he admonished them if they felt their complaints or pleas were ignored, then to call him on either his landline of 430-7158 or on his cell of 230-8068 and he pledged he would make sure that Hastings would jump to action!

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite stopped and visited the session when it reached the Q&A segment, this was when it got hot and heavy and the residents let fly with their grouses…

Former DLP and NDP candidate Peter Barrow was on hand as president of the Neighbourhood association pleading with Police to play for free at their fund-raising Fish Fry… Now that’s a cool way to control felony, eh? If you believe that, I have the Independence Arch on sale real cheap!

People who live or have companies in the areas outlined had more than their share of grievances – such as the tale of a man supposed to be from Carrington’s Village armed with a weapon while rooting through people’s garbage (obviously casing the home like St Sgt. Griffith indicated) and when told to stop searching this waste, he starts brandishing the gun and blaring he does as he pleases; the rising incidents of Battery Theft from cars, trucks and other vehicles; plus other situations listed in the video above…

I can believe their frustration since in transmitting the data about the Town Hall to friends who actually live in that area, there was a response I received via BlackBerry which went “BooOOoo,” so I texted back this is why Crime succeeds with attitudes like that and the counter was “Whatever,” so Police have an uphill battle ahead…

St Sgt Stephen Griffith (not Williams as I goofed in the video’s End Credits) made an eloquent and impassioned plea for all of the neighbours to band together and become a Community once more and squash Crime by weight of numbers and commitment!

Now this was a perfect opportunity for the AG to address neighbours on what steps his government will take to redress the situation… Instead, while a man regales the audience where Oistins caught a Copper-Wire thief before their Hastings colleagues and when Hastings eventually arrived they thought the good Samaritan was the perpetrator, suddenly after speaking to St Sgt Griffith, then Adriel beats a hasty retreat pleads he has another appointment to go and attend?

Bajan Reporter has approached the AG more than once on staffing matters concerning the Royal Barbados Police Force, and most occasions, Adriel says that Police cannot access a raise yet he can tell the Regional Security System at the Savannah late last year that Caribbean Governments should pay their officers better?

PROSALES WEB BANNER phones 22102020

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