Foundation emerges to show Young Barbadians the right way to join Entertainment Circles – Back2Black endorsed by Lamman Rucker

Do you recall “Life, Love & Happy Endings” at the Frank Collymore Hall? The production was almost Broadway in its rendition, which is no surprise since the creator was trained in Harlem’s Alvin Ailey’s Dance Theatre. Deliverer of ugly truths and creator of an organisation where he wants acting, dancing, photography and singing to become a beautiful experience is Trevor Pretty.

Lamman Rucker (left) listens to Bryan Taylor Johnson, who’s fielding Media queries over his photography and how rather than his being turned down as a Model was not a cause for depression but instead was a chance to develop other skills he did not realise…

Of Bajan & Trini heritage, Pretty has paid his dues in the USA when pursuing his love of dance. Realising how Americans assess practising culture is totally different from what obtains at UWI, he’s sought to engineer Back2Black more in line with International ideals making for a more universal acceptance of his graduands once fully trained.

Lamman Rucker (right) explaining his Bajan heritage while Trevor Pretty waits for the microphone

Trevor, with some significant boosts from local and Hollywood connections, developed the Back2Black Foundation inaugurated at Limegrove’s penthouse level in Holetown – he told media too many times he’s met ‘Actors,’ Singers,’ ‘Dancers‘ & ‘Composers‘ who are yet to produce anything or if they have then only their parents or friends know about it {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

You cannot just wake up and state your profession is {so and so} when you have not spent the time studying to even reach Beginner stage, he’s met a girl who claimed she’s a dancer yet thought a Pirouette was a pasta!

Lamman Rucker (with Bajan roots), who’s appeared on Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I get Married,” was consulted for the inception of Back2Black since it is necessary to have young and uprising artistes lend their knowledge so Bajans when aspiring abroad can have the right approach to reaching their dreams {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Pretty wants Barbadians to take the development as seriously as if you were learning to become a Lawyer or Doctor, while Lamman says even if you have the desire and not the ability, then it is key to have training where you can at least seem competent in the field you have chosen in the Arts.

Another major player in this Foundation is noted photographer Bryan Taylor Johnson, who started as a Model but ended up making intricate portraits of Afro-Americans in displays of wealth, as opposed to more mainstream ways of displaying black people in Europe or USA. He simply took lemons Life squeezed in his eyes and made a meringue in a visual manner, his work drew Vogue and other corporate entities who were pleased at a new way to display prosperity {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Now his clients include Starbucks and American Express, simply because he chose to portray Afro-Americans as wealthy – which is not to say they aren’t, simply that many people assume they’re not.

Rucker in addressing some potential applicants that night, reminded them that the same way BT Johnson took many “No’s” before the right “Yesses” came through, they too have to realise when someone refuses to give them a chance, it’s not them per se they’re rejecting rather they want a version of the person that isn’t there yet {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

You’ll hear about your age, height, weight or even maturity – use this closing of the door as a means to hone your skills to get perfect for the next time.

The entourage spent a few days here, not only assisting in the formation of the Back2Black foundation, but deciding on locations for photo safaris in the near and distant future!

The “Meet The Browns” actor also sees the need for both public and private sector in Barbados need to be more culturally active while those hoping to learn have to recall the secret to a successful time of learning is not assuming you already have the knowledge just waiting to be shaped {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

If you want to create an Army then you have to be a soldier before you can lead the ranks.

Rucker’s time in Barbados was short since he had a new series – Save Me – which some DirecTV or Multi-Choice viewers may be familiar with {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Beth Harper, after an accident, thinks she is channeling God.

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