Barbados Cabinet Minister attacks “Bajan Reporter” at DLP Stronghold – Makes false accusation with No Apology!

You know, when I promoted this event I was like – “Should I leave out it’s happening on Friday 13th?” and I thought I avoided it all these years and maybe I should stop being a big baby… Well, afterwards it seemed to be indeed a meeting from Jason Voorhees – but on reflection, I am not sure it was an unlucky day if for me or for the Minister?

This item refers to pornography and other similar areas, if your boss is near and they’re very religious – you may want to check this later on?

Inniss, who I attended Harrison College with (seemingly not so long ago, Andrew Pilgrim too), has received accusations over the years of owning websites which may be not such a good idea if running for Public (Pubic?) Office… Not from ME, however, quite the contrary; in fact? Here’s proof I gave Donville a chance to clear his name and he chose to ignore the opportunity! This is a screenshot of Facebook correspondence from last year…

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} I do not understand why he chose not to reply – if I was under such an accusation, I’d do all in my power to prove it is not true… The same way I repeatedly deny and clarify I am not Barbados Free Press? So cannot Donville Inniss man up and examine the suggestions he owns or has shares in sites like, or

So there it is, does it seem like I am trying to drag the man’s name in mud? Am I his political opponent? So why did he choose to wrongly savage me at the Unity Bar Lunchtime Lecture under his hat of Health Minister? The only remark I have publicly asked of Inniss is if he writes science fiction after my late Mother’s visit to the QEH in 2010

Some of the regular stalwarts who are known to frequent these Luncheons, inclusive of Former High Commissioner to Trinidad, Frank DaSilva at extreme left – tucking into his midday repast

If I have to handle this legally, I have the whole event unedited in audio format which was recorded with his permission – in fact, I reminded him not to say anything untowards from the beginning of the recording, albeit the video footage does not contain the exchange, but major portions of his discourse.

This is the ugly scene as it emerged, I was asking if Peter Harris (part of CGI Insurance) is indeed chairman of a private Warrens medical facility to be built, if this was the case then is this not a conflict of interest and if so, what is the MoH going to do? He replies I have a website which investigates things, then added… {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

“…You have a nasty blog-site which puts up all kinds of nasty, scandalous things (I refute it amidst scornful laughter) oh, so it’s Mike King (of the Nation)? {I am very angry now and state he better watch his remarks which I may have to legally consult since my website is indeed mine and have all required certification for proof of Ownership} Ok, Bourney, I withdraw the comment!”

While he is speaking as a representative of the Cabinet of the Government of Barbados, I do not recall if Parliamentary Privilege extends to George Street? The Internet has a strange axiom of where once released cannot be erased… If you listen to the clip again, at no time did Inniss apologise. Is this a just event to unfold? When I was leaving the Unity Bar to go home and edit, I was asked which website I did where I attacked Inniss? From one vicious comment, my reputation is at stake and so I return the volley but with ethics, unlike the MP who should know better!

{APOCRYPHAL} “Bourney, If I did know you would get so cruel over the accusation? I would have stuck to my speech and done! Wha’Lorse!”

Was it because I disputed Bob Verdun‘s so-called excellent service for his wife at QEH? I spoke of two different occasions where my wife and mother received less than sterling treatment at Martindale’s Road that afternoon, I asked which QEH did Verdun attend or was it really FMH (the private facility in Belleville not far from DLP’s HQ), I added how Nurses at the QEH truly need some Dale Carnegie training in Human Relations! The attack happened after this exchange…

Plus, Verdun‘s sucking up really gets on one’s nerves and while he’s praising, yet he says how Canada has the best example, and goes on to state it whether you want to hear it or not? If Canada was so brilliant, buddy, then why aren’t you in Kitchener NOW?

Speaking of the QEH, here are Inniss’ pipe dreams in setting up a complex on the South Coast;-

The Cabinet Minister mentioned how Silly Season (viz. Elections) will soon be upon us and with this in mind, his presentation for the weekly ‘Unity Bar Lunchtime Lecture‘ was to concentrate on “Moving Healthcare to the Next Level” and instead, in probably what he felt was a calculated move, drops the tidbit of a new Medical Facility in Kingsland.

This nurse’s comment was so salutary that Inniss asked if the woman lived in St James South and if not, can he use her tribute for elections? If this comment was to have its blood sugar examined, it would probably be assessed at the Diabetic level instantly!

This was a TKO without knuckles or thrust, since he cannot give an indication what budget the facility will be placed at – only that Tender is to be invited from International sources and even more… No geographical survey has been done of the area to see if it is suitable for what modern-day Barbados requires with such an entity.

Inniss’ non-revelation reminds me of the soft-porn films which used to be seen on Multi-Choice late on a Friday or Saturday night, on either the City channel from Canada or Cinemax from Latin America – how do I arrive at that comparison?

Well, here is Inniss claiming he’s making a huge disclosure when in fact there are no specifics to make it intriguing; on the soft-porn flicks they claim to have men and women having sex but the camera angles are so bad, sometimes you spot the man’s non-erect and flaccid genitalia flopping at the door of the woman’s vaginal area! Action but no depth?

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  1. Ian, various politicians in Bds, from all parties, get away with outrageous comments occasionally because many in our Press do not hold them to account. This does not serve our democracy well. I encourage you to keep asking the probing questions, without malice or agenda other than to inform the public.

  2. The minister felt safe in George Street so he saw the chance to attack you. Thing is, he still has questions to answers. I can’t wait for elections.

  3. You are brave to call out Minister Inniss like this, can you take the heat?

  4. Ian, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you store all of this information/data in both digital and hard copy forms at a location OTHER THAN YOUR HOME that is SECRET, SAFE and SECURE. Of course, you understand where I’m coming from. Thank you and please keep up the good work.


  5. It is good to see a reporter not playing softball in Barbados, unfortunately it is for part of the conventional media. I hope ask these questions on both sides of the aisle.



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