pjia EmployeesMonth May 2012a

PJIAE honors seven employees in its “Employee of the Month Recognition Program”

PJIAE honors seven employees in its “Employee of the Month Recognition Program”

pjia EmployeesMonth May 2012a

Princess Juliana Int’l Airport operating company NV (PJIAE) just held their Employee of the Month Recognition Program for May.

Airport management, staff members, and close friends and family of those recognized, convened in the training room at PJIAE as the company recognized and rewarded seven employees for their outstanding performance during the latter part of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

PJIAE employees honored for outstanding performance, (L-R): Edmund Missoudan, Operations coordinator, Shirley Salmon-Samson, security screener, Valmond Mills, Rescue & Fire Fighting Department, Rovena Richardson, assistant air traffic controller, Edsell Lake, Operations Department, Elaine Gumbs, cleaner, Reynaldo Richards, air traffic and radar controller. (PJIAE photo)

The seven honorees hailed from the Operations, Security, Air Traffic Control and Facility Maintenance departments.

Edsel Lake, who has spent four years in the Operations Department, said that he loved his job and that “the incentive program lets you know you are not on your own.

Operations Manager Michel Hyman lauded the Employee of the Month Selection Committee for its work and encouraged Lake “to continue striving [as employees] will always be recognized when they stand out.” He also encouraged Lake to “continue being a leader.”

Shirley Salmon-Samson, a security screener at the airport since 1988, encouraged the younger employees in her emotional remarks to, “always have respect for others and you will be rewarded.”

Security Manager Jerry Sprott said that Salmon-Samson “ensures all the rules are adhered to and during the high season always did her best, and now she is being recognized.”

Elaine Gumbs, who has been a cleaner for the past 18 years, was pleasantly surprised by the nomination and attested to her faith in God for her success.

Justinien Joe, Manager of the Facility Maintenance Department of which Gumbs is a member, said that Gumbs has been a dedicated employee and advised her to “continue the good work.”

Young Valmond Mills was not only a first-time honoree, but this is the first time that an employee at the airport was recognized after having only spent a mere eight months in his post!

Mills, now a member of PJIAE Rescue & Fire Fighting Department, told attendees to “always do your best in whatever job you do.”

His former manager, Jerry Sprott, said that Mills “is a man of action” and recalled that “Mills, while in the security department, went beyond the call of duty in several situations.”

Operations coordinator Edmund Missoudan was employee of the month for December 2011. Hyman said that with the extraordinary contribution of Missoudan in the month of December, PJIAE exceeded its record with regards to the number of aircrafts parked on the tarmac during the holiday season.

Second-time honoree Rovena Richardson, an assistant air traffic controller, said a simple “thank you” to PJIAE upon receiving her employee of the month recognition.

Duncan van Heyningen, ATS Supervisor, who spoke on behalf of Procedural Department Manager Gregory Hassel, said that Richardson “is an asset to the department” and that she has been involved with the training of the employees in the air traffic control department. He encouraged her to “continue the good work.

Reynaldo Richards, air traffic and radar controller, was chosen by consensus by the selection committee. The long-standing employee said that the Employee Recognition Program “is a great incentive and … it is important that the employee knows that dedication and loyalty are recognized by the company.”

Van Heyningen, who spoke on behalf of Radar Department Manager Lloyd Hinds, said that Richards “has had impeccable on-time performance” and he was happy to announce that Richards has been selected to be an instructor for an upcoming ATC course to be offered by the airport.

An emphatic “thank you” to all PJIAE employees was the sentiment of Quality Assurance Manager Anastacio Baker during his remarks as member of the Employee of the Month Committee. He asked that all employees “continue to strive for excellence and continue to be dedicated to PJIAE.”

Plaques of appreciation, gift baskets, and checks were presented to all the honorees by their department heads and the Managing Director of PJIAE, Regina LaBega.

LaBega said that all companies should have similar incentive programs because “it helps to motivate employees.”

Human Resources Manager Norma Brill said that the criteria for the selection of nominees include outstanding performance, knowledge of the job, “presenteeism,” helpfulness and respect.

After the congratulatory speeches, hugs and kisses from family members and fellow colleagues, the honorees and attendees were treated to refreshments. Plaques of the employees of the month will be displayed within the airport terminal.

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