NISE Leadership (Part 1/2): Impossible, or is it – I’m Possible: when Barbadians are conducted away from the mundane

The National Initiative on Service Excellence outdid themselves in this year’s conclave for Service Leadership, they went for the unusual and gave participants far more than their money’s worth with Benjamin Zander – Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra!

I finally learned what it takes to almost fill a Hilton Ballroom for a lecture, almost 330 people – that’s how many attended the crucial session

He immediately zeroed in on what I used to think was a popular Bajan impediment but seems to be a Global epidemic – not sitting in the Front Row, when he had people from back row come forward, he insisted they recognise from hereon in that they’re ALL important!

Here Maestro Zander demonstrates the art of “Playing On 1 Buttock” to the crowd’s delight!

Maestro Zander held no quibbles on using salty words to emphasise his points, he is the author of “The Art Of Possibility” with his wife Rosamund, who he says is the partner who wrote his book – not surprisingly, conductors were a major portion of his offering…

Adriel Brathwaite, the Attorney General of Barbados came to catch up on managerial techniques, much to the delight of NISE’s CEO, Kim Tudor

He recounted an apocryphal legend of Arturo Toscanini of a profound temper, who smashed watches like women use tissues in Love Story or guys do when seeing Old Yeller by themselves, when he fired the 2nd Bassist and the musician hurled obscenities at him… He roared back it was too late for apologies, which for me, meant the bassist simply should have stood his ground but gave up too soon…

The conductor told a hilarious joke where Rule No. 6 means “STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO GODDAMN SERIOUSLY” then reinforced the anecdote by referring to it towards the end of his address {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

In the motivational author’s perspective there are essentially a trio of rules to help one succeed daily but the tendency is for people to maintain the same negative path they’ve used so far, the true strength is casting that aside…

As far as the Maestro is concerned, there are 3 behaviours for people to move with this planet – Shrug, Get Vexed or Lead!

Barbadian Jazz Singer kellie Cadogan was serenaded with the most enthusiastic version of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" ever, thanks to the motivational Conductor!

Barbadian Jazz Singer Kellie Cadogan was serenaded with the most enthusiastic version of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” ever, thanks to the motivational Conductor!

Using music as a means of helping both teacher and student, Zander showed that it can be applied anywhere… He showed a young Bajan cellist by name of Dario how to play Bach with ‘the greatest reduction of impulses‘ or in a far more memorable terminology, ‘playing on one buttock‘ where the passion almost lifts you from your chair!

When business leaders use this methodology successfully then this is known as the ‘Rule Of Transformation‘ – in the musical writer’s view, the next three decades will be some of the most fascinating in Man’s history… What part do WE decide to play in it?

Benjamin recounts the tale of a Spanish cellist who was quite , uh, “colloquial” in his own frustration at how he hindered himself from earning a post – but rejoiced when he used Zander’s method of using a single buttock to get a second chance!

Even his teaching is completely unorthodox {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

He will grant an “A” grading if pupils in one September will write a letter dated May the following year stating why they got an “A, then they must become what the letter proclaims since all of his students are at “A” level anyhow!

Unashamedly proud of his Judaism and that his music and books are available at Amazon – Zander feels only those who are “A” students can successfully tell the truth no matter what, plus they’ve more than earned the right to speak boldly.

The maestro taught Dario (with Cello) to play as though they were alone in a living room with nary a crowd in sight – then had him review the excerpt with new help rather than a dusty old music stand, as shown here!

He spoke for almost two and half hours and it felt like 45 minutes or less, Zander was so gripping, even when a member of the audience from a popular Credit Union had to rush for a bathroom break – the Conductor begged her to pause and let him finish his point since ‘peeing is overrated‘; the participants howled in glee at his audacity!

Who is Ben between the wand, the talks, laughs and the melodic notes?

Benjamin Zander is the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and a guest conductor around the world…

In 1967, Mr. Zander joined the faculty at New England Conservatory, where he taught an interpretation class, conducted the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted the conservatory orchestras…

Mr. Zander is one of the most sought after speakers in the world. He gave the opening Keynote address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where on another occasion he was awarded the Crystal award for “outstanding contributions in the Arts and international relations.” In 2002 he was awarded the “Caring Citizen of the Humanities” Award by the International Council for Caring Communities at the United Nations. In honor of his 70th birthday, and 44 years of teaching, he was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the New England Conservatory.

Barbados got him to speak thanks to Cynthia of NISE, who made an impression on Zander since she never accepted his refusals and kept calling for his accepting the engagement.

He saw her determination as yet another lesson in the midst of his address, where he stated that people ‘cannot live a full life in the shadow of bitterness‘ and recited lessons learned from the few survivors of Nazi death-camps like Dachau or Auschwitz

Popular Bajan upholsterer and Dancer, Patrick Forde, showed how it’s all possible too despite his own challenges from a childhood affliction – I hope his video Bio as lovingly prepared by Ian Inniss will make it on NISE’s youtube channel?

Wars from all generations have shared all kinds of lessons with him, which eventually formed his decision to continue being a motivational teacher using classical music {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Zander played an especially triste piano movement, and a burly Irish youth came to him to praise the “Chopping” {CHOPIN or show-pan} piece and how it made him recall his brother last year and he did not cry when his brother was buried yet now the tears flowed as if he never cried in his life!

Based on the principles developed through his book “The Art Of Possibility,” Mr. Zander gives similar presentations to managers and executives around the world. At the grand conclusion of Zander’s buoyant presentation, participants had a crash course in German and sang “Ode To Joy” and yes, indeed, I was ‘drunk with fire,’ Google the translation…

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