London in St Lawrence Gap via Virgin Atlantic, Barbados celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II – 3rd June 2012

Do you believe YouTube would not let me save this Barbadian crowd-scene video under a Creative Commons License, but under their Standard license? They claimed I was using a third-party copyright – it wasn’t Virgin nor QE2 as when I removed their names, the same stipulation was made. So I can only guess it would be the phrase ‘Diamond Jubilee,’ which I am not removing since that would make it non-search friendly.

I accept a profit has to be made, and there is also import duty, but considering you find similar if not the same companies online should the pricing remain the same or lower to compete with Internet? $3.00 for a Newspaper or $5.00 for a Magazine, which you will browse 2 days at most before donating it to the waiting room of a doctor or a bank... That is a Coke or a small milk depending, may be temporary but far more intrinsic value, IMHO!

Anyhow, many folks praised the festivities along the Gap, personally, I was not impressed for many reasons. The prices for British cuisine was astronomical, it reminded me of Cricket World Cup 2007 when every one was looking to jook out the next body’s eye for a rare occasion.

Rats In The Kitchen,” the band which is a UB40 tribute band was nowhere near as brilliant as the original (who, oddly enough, were in Barbados for CWC 2007) and yet there are tribute bands which are as good if not better than the originals.

Not everyone thought the occasion was one of joy and thought to include a more sombre note, as shown by the sign next to this handmade jewellery vendor's table

Finally, the emcee KB Kleen could not even recall the only other British monarch which had a Diamond Jubilee was Victoria, overlapping from the 19th to 20th Centuries – the Love 104.1 FM deejay was on stage fluffing a statement where he says he could not even recall if there was another monarch who served as long…

Sagicor in the UK listed them – “Only five other kings and queens in British history have reigned for 50 years or more. They are: • Victoria (63 years) • George III (59 years) • Henry III (56 years) • Edward III (50 years) • James VI of Scotland (James I of England) (58 years)”

Should KB Kleen be arrested for stupidity or a lack of research? Even this Virgin Atlantic staffer seems not to be certain...

No one told KB Kleen before he went on stage? Or if he has a smartphone, did he not Google it? Or is he using LIME’s Data Plan?

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  1. I enjoyed the event, although I’m not paying $8 for a sausage, however far it’s traveled.

    Your copyright problem might be mixed in with the 2012 Olympics who are being so careful you can’t take food and drink into a stadium, while inside it costs more than gold. You can’t use a Mastercard to pay for anything, it has to be the other one. Sponsors and money have taken over too much. How can Thomas Cook have 300,000 event tickets (many they can’t sell) when I couldn’t get one?

    At least the gap was the right price to walk through it- free!


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