Barbadian Environmentalists Launch Video & Website for emphasising Recycling

The Future Centre Trust just launched a video at George Washington House on why Barbadians need recycling and the benefits accrued. Also launched was the website to assist in providing information to the public for improving their own waste management processes ultimately reducing the amount of waste otherwise headed to the landfill.

“This community based concept is not just for the reduction of waste for today, but looking to the future, to reduce the amount of the limited land space in this country needed to create new landfill cells similar to the one to be launched by the Ministry of Environment next month,” explained Ms Nicole Garofano, Administrative Director of the FCT.

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} With many more communities expressing their interest in wanting to include recycling in their neighbourhoods and community centres, it bodes well for an educated recycling community ready for the time when a much larger scaled programme can be implemented.

At the launch of the event, it was noted to the audience, that without a sustained, managed sorting system which not only reduces the physical waste, but also creates valuable foreign exchange for this country, the next landfill could be on your doorstep!

“The goal is that we do not get to 20 years down the line and complain that another new landfill cell is now close to you and nobody told you! They did! We did! Reduction of waste, reusing of one’s products which could offer abundance to another, and recycling where the first two are not options, are the best methods to reduce the impact of waste,” explained Ms Garofano.

The CoRe NETWORK project, supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation, started with a pilot project late in 2009 and has now grown to a collection of some twelve recycling communities. The US Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean assisted in developing another three centres and another three centres will be installed over the summer in primary schools thanks to the Peter Moores Barbados Trust.

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} The Future Centre Trust is an environmental Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and registered charity providing environmental education to the public of Barbados. Its mission is “To stimulate awareness and encourage responsible management of the vital relationship between people and nature leading to a sustainable future for all”. This is achieved through various programmes, activities and presentations to the community which are included and highlighted at

This video and website are the last of the components to be launched from this funding phase provided by The Coca Cola Foundation”, explained Nicole Garofano, Administrative Director of the FCT. “We are looking forward to sharing this video and the website as tools for communities to learn from the experiences of the communities already involved in the process and how they have benefited. We will be using the website to provide updated information of what new items can be recycled and where, to update our Recycling Grids, and to provide a informational platform for the public of all things recycling in Barbados, as we at the FCT get the information to hand.”

Ms Garofano expressed her thanks for the communities who participated and highlighted, “It is through the community members who chose to participate in our programme and certainly there are others who are managing their own collections well, that the word is spreading. People are realising that if there is one thing they can do to help the country, it is to keep the place clean and to reduce the waste streams that are created every day. The Future Centre Trust thanks those communities and those to come as we work together to lighten the solid waste load.”

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