94 Barbadians unemployed, bravo George Hutson – REDjet officially dies

Saw a sad farewell from a former employee of the Caribbean’s Low Fares carrier on Facebook yesterday and still did not want to believe it, especially the way the economy is and jobs are scarcer than a breeze across the moon but it is now definite beyond the shadow of a doubt – REDjet is dead and close to 100 Barbadians seek unemployment, so release the pigeons and sound “Taps” for a true champion of the region has been laid low; so let’s see what Chris Sinckler says 26th June on Budget Day?

There have been claims that a “Kill REDjet” fund were authorised and anti-bloggers sought by those against Complete Airway Liberation and now I cannot help but consider the veracity of such a claim… One can only wonder if the smoke is real and where the flames were, recalling how particular Barbadian Cabinet Ministers more intrigued with digesting crustaceans and helping choose competitive vessels to ply the skies than seeing if REDjet’s papers were in order, if these same folk are celebrating all now…

Was REDjet allowed to crumble since the colours resembled the current Opposition? Does the Freundel Stuart regime understand these folk will spread to all pals and family not to vote DLP next elections?

Just like those with conflicting senior posts of Bajan Civil Service as opposed to holding a Director’s post with Little Indigenous Aero-Transport concerns may be prancing a jig this Celtic Festival. Ironic, since REDjet was conceptualised by those of Irish descent! (Irish have just a much a right to side with Africans and Scots for the Caribbean when all were shipped here as indentured labour from Prisoners Of War or slaves after battles in Great Britain)

Erin go bragh, me hearties, I will surely miss you along with great swathes of the region – here’s the final release (click on links for PDF of Bankruptcy);-

Airone Ventures Ltd. doing business as ‘REDjet’ hereby announces the suspension of all operations in Barbados. REDjet profoundly regrets this decision and its impact on its suppliers, staff and passengers.

REDjet believed that it had secured the full aero-political support of the Government and authorities in Barbados and had it gained access to all markets as a designated national carrier this turn of events could have been avoided. However regrettably this has not been the experience of the airline over the past two years.

Richard Sealy (2nd from left) in his open defiance by supporting REDjet may well be one of the few DEM's to survive next elections

With no consensus at a political or technical level to deliver on these commitments which are critical to the development of any airline there can be no future for REDjet in Barbados. Therefore, despite the best efforts of the airline and its committed staff, the airline has been forced to make the regrettable decision to suspend all its operations. .


The company has filed with the Supervisor of Insolvency a “Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal” to the company’s creditors under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. Immediately upon filing all proceedings against the company are stayed. No creditor may therefore exercise any remedy against the company, while the stay is in place, in respect of any debt owing as of 5th June 2012. Debts accruing for services rendered after filing will be dealt with in the ordinary way since the stay of proceedings does not apply to such debts. The stay will be in place for 30 days initially but the Court will entertain reasonable applications for extension of the stay to permit a proposal to creditors to be completed.

It is said REDjet will start again in Jamaica, where it was initially rejected, I think it should have stuck with Guyana where they were welcome - regardless, it will have a hard battle regaining its credibility!

The Trustee will at the appropriate time invite creditors of amounts of $250 and more, including Passengers who have purchased tickets with the airline but who have yet to apply for a refund, to prove their debts as required by the Act and also call a meeting of creditors for the purpose of considering and approving the company’s proposal

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  1. the taxpayers have had enough pain no need to add 8million dollars more

  2. Let MP’s drive Toyotas and sell off their Benzes, take a 17.5% cut in their wages and give the difference to both CLICO policyholders and REDjet

  3. Re – “…let mp’s drive toyotas and sell off their benzes, take a 17.5% cut in their wages and give…”

    So what would that prove. you think that would solve both problems, the fact is that REDjet came here with unexpected realities and looking for a handout from taxpayers who were gullible enough to fall for the pie in the sky story

  4. We (those in the aviation fraternity, both past and present) can now officially say without hesitation, that aviation in Barbados is dead. We have now come full circle, from the days of Errol W. Barrow who, as a visionary, saw Barbados as a leading force in aviation in the Caribbean. He stood boldly and championed the cause for all of us. It is unfortunate that, under the same political party (in name only), the final shovelful of dirt has been placed on the grave of Caribbean aviation integration. Over the last 30 or so years, we have seen Barbados take ever more bizarre steps backwards – it takes decades to accept what should be common sense steps, and progress. Are Barbadian polititians so blind to the realities of the world around them? Are we so devoid of backbone that we can’t stand and demand answers to the preposterous decisions that they make?

    Farewell to REDjet and all of the ghosts of air carriers before them that flew our flag – Air Calypso, Carib West, Caricargo, Caribbean Airways, Aero Services/Trans Island Air, Carib Express, Horizon Helicopters, and Bajan Helicopters. I wish I could say your sacrifice was not in vain, but alas, progress is not to be ours. The King is dead, long live the King!

  5. @ “seeing red” – Oh well, let’s tell West Jet, Ryan Air, Northwest & Southwest they’re failures

  6. well there are always some that would try an fail even the giants in aviation that command the world wide skies have failed can you imagine the zillion dollars taxpayers would have given to keep these Goliath in the skies there is always a risk when making an investment nothing is written in stone that all would be successful ask Continental ! Eastern! and even The Goliath of them all American airlines some of these upstarts don’t shed no tears for them because there is always a new day for them after bankruptcy under a new name



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