People in the Commonwealth only think of Bangladesh as being ‘that country next to India with a sometimes good cricket team‘, and Cricket fans may recall the happy dancing Indigenous Christian & Buddhist Jumma women the Bangladesh government paraded for the cameras during the Cricket World Cup – in order to fool the world that Bangladesh is a happy country with no indigenous problems worth mentioning….in fact – if you listen to the idiot who is the First Secretary of the Bangladesh Government’s Mission in New York, he actually said “There are no indigenous People in Bangladesh“.

Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations proves how the smiling indigenous poster was displayed as "before"

YET, you can see from an OFFICIAL Bangladesh government poster I have attached which reads “Indigenous women in Bangladesh” (which was re-edited after this ignorance was uttered by the First Secretary to delete the wordIndigenous from the posters – also attached here for photographic proof) that the Neo-Colonial government of Bangladesh is not to be trusted on this issue…let’s not play those silly diplomatic games and politely refrain from calling a spade a spade, when it comes to their violations of Indigenous peoples within their over-extended borders – the Government of Bangladesh is led by a very low calibre of persons that we in the Caribbean prefer to describe as ‘Bold-faced Liars‘.

And just for the record – I enthusiastically invite the Government of Bangladesh to sue me – I would welcome the chance to keep highlighting their gross human rights violations in the worlds media and will be very grateful for their help in doing so by taking me to Court. Any publicity is good publicity they say!

Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to tell you AND show you may very likely make you sick to your stomach – especially with the photographic evidence attached.
I cannot tell you the real name of the hero who smuggled this information out of the Chittagong Hills and supplied it to me, for he would be assassinated by the Bangladesh military like so many other indigenous heros who tried to get the TRUTH out to the wider world before him.

We shall just call him ‘Runu Jumma‘ – in honor of the late great war hero of the Jumma Tribes of the Chittagong Hills, who successfully fought the British…who were themselves the first outsiders in recent history to invade and attempt to conquer this beautiful and remote area.

The British eventually had to sue for peace – as they could not win the Guerrilla war of liberation waged by these valiant tribesmen in their mountain stronghold. In the face of the tyranny they endure to this day – why did they stop the armed struggle you may ask?

Well, they gave peace a chance because in 1997 the Danish Government brokered in good faith – a Peace Accord between the Bangladesh Government and the Indigenous Jumma Freedom Fighters, the Jumma handed over all of their weapons (their biggest mistake) and upheld their end of the agreement, but the Bangladesh Government is YET to uphold their end of the agreement some 15 year later – and to the contrary have continued their murderous rampage leaving the Government of Denmark to shoulder the guilt of disarming a violently oppressed people who are now completely defenseless – like lambs to the slaughter….did I not describe the Bangladesh Government as being led by bold faced liars? I rest my case!

It should be clear to everyone by now that the only option the Jumma have left is to re-arm and continue to fight the just war of self defense that they had been fighting before 1997.

20th February 2010, Bengali settlers backed by military attacking indigenous Jummas

It is very easy for someone far out of harms way to mouth empty wishful-thinking words such as ‘violence solves nothing‘, for these types do not have to endure the daily horrors that the Jumma of Bangladesh do; even the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that the use of violence in defense against tyranny IS JUSTIFIED UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW.

The Chittagong Hills is an area under the illegal military occupation by the government of Bangladesh…a thoroughly criminal political entity that encouraged AND still protects the 400,000 non-indigenous Muslim Bengali settlers (from 1979 to 1985 alone) who invaded and annexed Christian & Buddhist indigenous Jumma tribal lands; because the Bangladeshi government promised them military protection and food if they took the land that belonged to someone else! You can even see the Bangladesh Military in one of the photos in the backround as illegal Bengali settlers rampage in the foreground!

To further help the Bengali illegal settlers to STAY on the indigenous Jumma lands that they have stolen – the government of Bangladesh started giving their settler proxies a monthly ration of 85 kg of food per family in 1979 – an ‘ethnic cleansing insurance policy’ if you will – which continues to the present day. These are all violations of Article 8 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

An Example of extreme hypocrisy in a billboard of Hazarat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka smiling while "indigenous" word was clumsily removed after Gov't Officials said there's no indigenous people in Bangladesh

Today, there are an estimated 500,000 illegal Bengali in the Chittagong Hills area of Bangladesh, in 1947 before the Bengali illegal occupation the non-Indigenous population in the Chittagong Hills was only 2%, with 98% being Indigenous Jumma tribes. Today 50% of residents in the Chittagong Hills are non-indigenous. This is a clear example of state sanctioned ethnic cleansing, and my indigenous brothers and sisters need to be alert to the ulterior motives of the Neo-Colonial states of the world who are fond of changing the indigenous demographics in order to force assimilation policies onto indigenous peoples in violation of their Internationally recognized human rights. When Indigenous Peoples begin to see non-indigenous people flooding into their territories, they should start making preparations for the inevitable war that will follow! History repeats itself in this regard.

The vast majority of indigenous Jumma children in the Chittagong Hills cannot attend school due to the precarious lives they have been forced to lead since the Bengali invasion began (see report here), schools are on average over 6 miles away from indigenous villages and often these frightened children have to pass military checkpoints and settler homesteads – and the raping of Jumma schoolgirls by both Bangladesh Soldiers and Bengali settlers is rampant.

And for those who start schooling, fewer than 8 percent complete primary education while 2 percent complete secondary education, according to a 2009 study by the Dhaka-based research group, Human Development Research Centre.

For those who make it to the classrooms – they face racist treatment by Bengali teachers who enforce a Bengali language curriculum on indigenous children who speak their OWN languages and do not understand the difficult Bengali alphabet. This too is a violation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples to be educated in their OWN languages and in their OWN communities – according to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Article 14, and numerous other International Laws and Conventions.

Just when you think that things could not get any worse – the Government of Bangladesh has recently passed a new law that forbids ANY financial assistance being given to the Jumma Indigenous Peoples, here is a direct quote: “No financial endowments can be given to any student or their guardians or any other individual”. Do you know why these demented criminals that run the Bangladesh government passed this law? It was not for the ouright lies and convenient excuses they listed about ‘national security‘ (sound familiar?) etc, the REAL reason was because more indigenous children were getting an education (albeit briefly – before the draconian law was enforced) with the humanitarian aid they were receiving from sympathetic donors outside of the country; but all of that is gone now.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury (of the Court of Public Opinion), I ask you this…is it not a GROSS insult to the conscience of all who believe in Justice, Equity, and the rule of Civilized Laws…for Bangladesh to be THE biggest contributor of Soldiers to United Nations Peacekeeping operations around the world; whilst at the same time being guilty of the most heinous human rights abuses in Asia in their OWN country!

Were we not collectively shocked (due to thepoor innocent Bangladeshpropaganda public image that we were used to) at the time when the news aired reporting on Bangladesh UN peacekeepers stationed in Sudan who committed rapes of young African girls? (see news article here). However, now that we have learned where this criminal modus operandi was rehearsed – and upon whom – such news shall not surprise us any longer – for these uniformed criminals have been thoroughly exposed for the GENOCIDAL VILLAINS that they are!

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