Mojo’s – Learns from Court Battle: Organic Cuisine & Environmentally Responsible, result? More Customers!

If you recall, there was a regular feature when we’d look at Mojo’s Monday night band – this went awry when a minority of residents decided to carry the pub/nightclub establishment to court, the ongoing melee put many a nose out of joint (in some cases, literally)…

Bajan Reporter essentially got its start by patronising Mojo's and it remains a top spot for entertainment on the South Coast

When the smoke cleared and the attorneys staggered off to count their coffers, Dominique Osorio (a Londoner who’s been coming to Bim since she was 19) decided since the Law stated as Mojo’s have a Kitchen License and it’s not exercised then she’d redress the imbalance with a restaurant which had to be unlike the other competitors in the area which were more known as Sports bars and Burger joints…

This led to the creation of the Chopping Board Kitchen, where the staff and patrons all had a contest to invent names for Mojo’s debut into restaurateuring, the Chopping Board kitchen was selected as it sounded efficient yet homespun.

Former windsurfer and avid dog-lover, Dominique Osorio, showing off her kitchen garden which was achieved by lots of trial & error!

What was the answer? To grow many of their own vegetables, to minimise canned goods – when a burger is ordered, it’s no pre-fabricated junk, but ground beef made from scratch! Gordon Ramsay on BBC America was a regular mentor for Dominique {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

It may seem more expensive to insist on fresh ingredients, but in the long run, not only did it allow for her to have a staff of 13 without lay-offs, it also kept many a local farmer afloat!

In addition, how the food was prepared was critical, no styrofoam, but a sustainable initiative where the whole community can benefit {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Containers are recyclable, even more so – according to Mojo’s proprietor – there are steps being developed where all her neighbours may use Mojo’s as a recycling station so refuse can be lessened to make it healthy all around!

As you see, Mojo's is not limited to any type of Bajan or Visitor, all are received and welcomed with equal gusto.

Dominique also realises how Bajans have changed in their taste buds and deciding to be more adventurous so as to have a healthier meal, which is a central theme for the Chopping Board Kitchen {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Bajans back in 2009 were offered Pesto which has garlic, pine nuts, lime and olive oil may turn their noses – now Pesto with Chicken in a wrap is being explored by her hungry customers!

My half of the Mojo Burger that night, it was gorgeous, I did not leave a crumb! They really do serve the meal on a genuine chopping board, LOL!

Mojo’s is now 13 years old, but Dominique took over in 2007, so she has seen Bajan eating trends move from a fried and greasy diet to something which allows her clientele to continue patronising her since they can now have a batter chance at living longer with the Chopping Board Kitchen’s menu {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Eating healthy seems expensive but Mojo’s sought to create an opportunity where decent and tasty food is served at reasonable rates.

Mojo's has also made sure the open air segment is more appealing for outdoor enthusiasts.

In the end, Dominique more than holds her own with nearby competitors, some may feel the complaints for Mojo’s live music was asinine – but you must remember, in the end when Samson defeated some Philistines it was with the jawbone of an ass! Plus, Mojo’s remains bare kicks for those who patronise it for meals, friends and good times – you have to try their Mojo Burger at the Chopping Board Kitchen in Worthing (just before the Cave Shepherd and Shell station by the traffic lights if you’re travelling from the City)!

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