Young Barbadians feel REDjet should flap its own wings, but Barbados needs Casinos to increase Forex #flyredjet #barbados #gambling #casino #roulette #keno #blackjack

Young Barbadians are disenfranchised with the Government of the day – they want to see an end to a holding pattern on a Master Plan for Tourism, if need be? Scrap all White or Green Papers from before and include legislation allowing Casinos across the island.


Damian Mascoll (mic in hand) very passionate about the need to open Casinos in Barbados

Also REDjet should make profits on its own and not rely on Government subsidies (if it will happen with Trinidad’s revocation of REDjet’s AOC), these unusual assessments were a few of the startling revelations made at a Barbados Youth Development Council’s Panel Discussion on Tourism made at the NHC’s lecture hall in the Warrens Complex over the weekend.


While not packed to capacity, the event was well attended and those present were passionate about the topics

Damian Mascoll wanted to see a conclusion to the Master Plan for Tourism touted so long for the BTA while Anne Marie Fergus says too little has been done for too long – scrap it and look at next 20 years down the line. Damian also in looking down the road sees the need for Barbados to include Gambling as part of its Tourism product, and like Bajan Reporter sees any potential Mafia connections as a necessary evil if we’re to survive a truly open market for visitors across the region.


President of the BYDC, Jason Francis, delivered Opening Remarks and an Overview of the night in question

Javon Griffith says Barbados needs to decide once and for all which way its Marketing Strategy is aligned, are you selecting a Quantity of visitors or are you aiming like Bermuda for a certain Quality of guests who wish to play on our shores? Asha Jones, another panellist, wants Barbadians to not only consider Tourism but what other avenues to accrue Forex (foreign exchange) are available when Global Warming and Climate Erosion affect the very product we’r trying to push.

{L to R} Joel Richards, Damian Mascoll, Javon Griffith, Anne Marie Fergus & Asha Jones with laptop

Most of the panellists see watered down competitors as the real villain for declining an already battered Tourism product, where operators near and far have reduced already lowered rates in an effort to break even far less make a profit.

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{FILE IMAGE - 2011 Inaugural flight to GY} Javon Griffith says MD-82's apart from being 25 years old leave a huge Carbon Footprint

Another bombshell for the night was Javon Griffith‘s detailed evisceration of REDjet and its business plan – not as he claims in a desire to see it fail, but rather if it is to truly succeed then it needs to use aircraft similar to LIAT and huge planes were also the demise of Carib Express in 1994.

#Barbados #YOUTH #TOURISM #casino #gambling #lottery #poker #keno

{FILE IMAGE} Damian Marshall sees Cuba as eventually emerging from the shadows of both Castro brothers and when it does, Casinos as with Bahamas will play a major part in Tourism survival, therefore Barbadians need to stop the hypocrisy of a Christian nation and get knee-deep in the dice and cards

Griffith asserts there are jets or planes with the right size engine and fuel efficiency as well as  seating to handle short hops like St Maarten and St Lucia as well as heavier routes like Trinidad and Guyana.

Griffith’s theories while aggressively countered were nevertheless well-researched, he also took a critical look at Britain’s crippling APD (Air Passenger Duty) which Bajan Reporter already brought to a UK Cabinet member while visiting Barbados recently. Javon does not see the current David Cameron regime surrendering APD in any hurry as it drew 2.2 billion for the 2011/12 fiscal period and 2012 is still in its relative infancy!

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