The #Democratic Labour Party creates yet another #National Crisis for #Barbados: Review from – #Henderson N. #Bovell

The Alexandra School issue is: “a national crisis of major proportions” and one which shows (a) that the present DLP-Government really does not know what it is doing (b) that the ruling DLP has now manufacture a crisis in government, as well as a crisis of governance in Barbados; (c) that the present government has essentially lost the moral right to govern and perhaps even, the legal right also – given this national crisis; the instability fuelled; the breach of trust associated, the confusion caused and the diminishing of the role and function of what competent government ought to be, thereby squandering its mandate.

A government is expected to govern! The people must have confidence that it knows what it is doing and that it can get necessary things done: the DLP cannot satisfy these requirements. The Alexandra School issue further demonstrates that the DLP has so dismantled established and progressive organs of the State, like the Public Service Commission; the office of the Head of the Civil Service and the Chief Personnel Officer (which have a core function in law to assist it in maintaining good law and order) that the ruling DLP should now be required to immediately seek a mandate.

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Henderson Bovell opines - "Having betrayed the trust and confidence of so many and having squandered its mandate and the moral right to govern, the DLP-Government is without question, the crisis Barbados faces."

How could the DLP allow a matter that the NUPW says – could have been settled at the level of the Head of the Civil Service; the Chief Personnel Officer and the Public Service Commission – to find its way to a Minister of Education, who did not solve it; to a subcommittee of Cabinet, which did not solve it, then to the Prime Minister, who did not solve it and even to the “ENTIRE DLP CABINET and Government,” which could not get it solve?

Essentially therefore, like the crisis it manufactured in the Barbados economy (apparently Almond and Edgewater being the latest victims) the DLP Government has somehow managed to convert the Alexandra School issue into yet another national crisis. What I do not understand, is: ‘with the economy in crisis; unemployment rising, businesses closing, the cost of living going through the roof and poverty increasing – how did the Prime Minister and the entire DLP Cabinet and Government – find the time to manufacture yet another crisis in Barbados?

Adult immaturity aside, the burning question remains, who will stand for the young people of Barbados and those at Alexandra School, who the DLP government has now failed and let-down? The other question is: ‘is the DLP Government guilty of a serious HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION,’ especially given Article 28 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child?

What will be the response from parents to any such violation of their children’s human rights? In any such circumstance, would parents and guardians be compelled to act? Do they have a duty of care to act as parent and guardians and would their silent and failure to “take action,” in anyway – offends the intent and any provisions of Cap 381 of the laws of Barbados?

As regards the BSTU and teachers, were they tricked and betrayed by the DLP, and does the utterance that somebody had long passed a phase, shed light on the question being asked? Does the conduct of the DLP Government, respect and promote the: “Industrial Harmony,” the very “Protocol” signed by the DLP, employers and the unions, requires?

Does the ‘mauling’ of this issue by the DLP Government, run the risk of causing the BSTU and teachers to be seen in a negative light, that is to say: “reduce their status to their disadvantage?” This is why this matter is a national crisis!

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Mr Bovell adds on the Redman/Broomes deadlock and the choice to hold an Inquiry - "...Is the DLP Government guilty of a serious HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION,' especially given Article 28 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child?"

Where it ought to have offered leadership and protection to the children, the DLP-Government has instead – implicated too many by its incompetence in its ‘blundering‘ on this matter. It has also given false hope to and might have even succeeded in betraying the trust and confidence of: (a) young people and those at Alexandra School (b) parents and guardians (c) teachers and the BSTU and (d) the entire country who was looking to the duly elected DLP-Government for a resolution to the Alexandra School matter so that the DLP can concentrate on fixing the economy it broke. Unfortunately, like the economy, the DLP has now escalated the Alexandra issue into yet another National Crisis.

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