P’cess Juliana Int’l Airport (SXM) Rolls Out Carnival Welcome for Passengers

Both arriving passengers as well as other users of the airport and airport community knew that Carnival was certainly in the air, as SXM (also abbreviated as PJIA) engaged carnival-costumed revelers to give out this year’s Carnival Program to passengers right at the jet bridges and as they walked toward Immigration clearance.

The special St. Maarten Carnival “meet and greet” began over the weekend as part of SXM’s carnival promotions.

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Three beautiful carnival revelers engaged in the special carnival ‘meet and greet’ at Princess Juliana Int’l Airport, pose together for the camera before going about their welcome duties.

The carnival revelers not only distributed carnival programs to passengers, but also throughout the airport terminal building, including the business lounge.

In conjunction with the carnival banners and decorations all over the airport, visitors and other users of the airport are kept certainly aware of the island’s premier cultural event.

“Carnival is the most important expression of our culture and we at SXM believe we should promote this as much as possible, hence our efforts at ensuring that all those coming in or leaving our island during this period know that something special is happening here,” noted Managing Director, Regina LaBega.

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One of the costumed carnival revelers giving out the 2012 carnival program to arriving passengers.

The special meet and greet at the Princess Juliana Int’l Airport (SXM) will continue into next weekend, when Carnival reaches its high point.

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