#Barbados #Investors & Policyholders Alliance want to know “How Many More Must Die?” Isn’t it time they march like 1991? #protest #pressuremovement #clicobarbados #money #litigation #lawsuit

The following item while a significant salvo from frustrated people who trusted an entity with their money and they’re yet to see genuine refunds as per the Fair Trading Commission – nevertheless?

#Barbados #Investors #protest #pressuremovement #clicobarbados #money #litigation #lawsuit

Good Heavens, what were once allies are now different sides of the field? What ho! (June Fowler takes notes as Hal Gollop addresses suckers, um, clients, uh, adversaries, ahem! I mean participants at Divi Southwinds in 2011)

Isn’t it time they stop issuing printed hissy fits and actually engage in some action? Call out their families and friends and have a civil walk to Bay Street Headquarters to chat with Fumble Freundel about his client and pal who did not appear in court on Friday…

#Barbados #Investors #protest #pressuremovement #clicobarbados #money #litigation #lawsuit

Bernie Weatherhead will have a hard challenge convincing people to use Sun General once they learn it was CLICO, we hope he was compensated accordingly during the initial transfer of the intruments

What was Leroy Parris‘ reason for not arriving? Triskadekaphobia? According to the online edition of dead-tree media;-

Attorney Hal Gollop, who along with Michael Yearwood, appeared for the absent Parris, apologized and promised “to have him here if necessary”.

Gollop explained that after speaking with a station sergeant, he “was of the view that the matter would not come off today”.

The case against Parris and Thornhill is a case against the company and arise[s] out of the same matters,” he told the court.

Good gracious golly! You mean the same attorney who helped to form BIPA is now on Leroy’s service? As Hank McCoy would say – “Oh, my Stars & Garters!

#Barbados #Investors #protest #pressuremovement #clicobarbados #money #litigation #lawsuit

Here's Mrs Fowler almost a year later and another attorney, what's his track record like? Does anyone really know who is Tariq Khan and why he came to Barbados? I have tried twice for interviews and am yet to receive a reply

What is the old saw about lawyers and predators of the deep? Something about courtesy, h’mm… Finally able to use the phrase “bespeaks” correctly now (everybody abuses ‘bespoke’ now, before ‘basically’ was used more than margarine or the left side of a bus)… It bespeaks to me where BIPA needs less precedents and more footwork as in it may be April but it’s time to MARCH!

Having delivered wonderful foreplay, here’s the anticlimactic volley from BIPA and why I got so annoyed;-

  • This coming week marks the passage of a full two months since 20th February 2012, the date of the official release by the Court of the CLICO Judicial Manager’s Forensic Report. It also marks two months of the ignominious refusal by the Prime Minister to acknowledge the availability to him or his Ministers of the Report, let alone any kind of constructive response so desperately awaited by the 25,000 Clico policyholders and their families.

During this same two months, at least one more CLICO policyholder has died without having had the opportunity to enjoy the life savings he invested in a CLICO policy which matured in November 2011, but which was never paid out. The Barbados Investors and Policyholders Alliance (BIPA) extends sincere condolences to the family of one of its most eloquent members, 90-year-old Mr. Coleridge Pilgrim. Many will recall with great affection his articulate contributions at BIPA meetings, and in particular, the ovation he received when addressing his fellow BIPA members and questioning the proposed time frame of a solution to the CLICO debacle for “those of us in the departure lounge of life”.

#Barbados #Investors #protest #pressuremovement #clicobarbados #money #litigation #lawsuit

When the Bajan Reporter showed how a former member of the current regime warned BIPA to move swiftly, their reaction is to distance themselves from my coverage - are they on any stronger footing by alienating Social Media?

How many more policyholders are to die before a timely solution to this national disgrace takes priority over the continuing and deafening silence to which the highest offices in the land are holding firm, despite all the information requested being fully available to them?

How many more lives are to be destroyed by unnecessarily prolonged uncertainty, anxiety, depression and hopelessness?

The time for sitting back and listening to ‘long talk’ of deadlines, delays, platitudes and empty promises is long since gone. Whether in the “departure lounge of life”, or still hoping to have time to enjoy the fruits of our labour and savings, let us not forget that we can never know what tomorrow holds for each of us. Let us hope it is a timely solution to the CLICO debacle and not an obituary.

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