Barbados Fertility Centre celebrates 10 years of success with thousands of babies born across the world.

The entire medical team and over 350 babies born to Barbadian families will gather on Saturday for a 10th birthday party to celebrate the lives they have created and the joy they have brought to so many couples who suffered with infertility.

The state of the art unit was opened in 2002 by colleagues Dr. Juliet Skinner & IVF Nurse Specialist Anna Hosford, they shared a vision to create a fertility unit for the people of the Caribbean region and also recognised the need to create a relaxing and affordable clinic for couples from the UK, USA and Canada.

Now 10 years on and the entire team at Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) are incredibly proud of;their achievements, which ultimately have helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of a family.

Dr. Juliet Skinner, Medical Director at BFC said, “April 2002…fast forward…April 2012. Wow – where did 10 years go? Today April 25 2002, 10 years ago, was a hugely significant day – it was the day that Barbados Fertility Centre was born. Over the past decade we have come to the clinic day in and day out with one joint purpose, to give couples their very BEST chance of making their dreams come true to create a family. With that mindset, we have helped to create thousands of families both here in the Caribbean and throughout the world. Today is a day for reflection and projection. As I reflect back to the days when Anna Hosford and I jointly realized the need for a world class fertility Centre in the Caribbean and the hard work and dedication of the team who have accompanied us on the journey to be the only JCI accredited facility in the Caribbean, today we hold our heads high. To see the smiling faces of couples returning back with their bundles of joy and to receive pictures of babies as they grow year on year is a humbling and forceful drive that gives us purpose to every day. I would like to take this opportunity today to thank each and every member of the BFC team for without each of them we would not have reached the success that we are today.

As we project forward it is our commitment to all of our patients to continue to offer the highest standard of patient care, remain on the cutting edge of technology with our equipment and treatment protocols with the objective to give each and every patient their best chance at becoming pregnant and having a positive outcome. In our line of work there is not a 100% guarantee that we can get each patient pregnant but to those who placed their hopes in our hands and embarked on the journey of trying to make their dreams come true but were unsuccessful, we remember you as well and you will forever remain close in our hearts and thoughts.”

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The team advise anyone who is looking into IVF to do their research - look at the overall experience of treatment, relaxation, cost and success rates and don't be tempted to go with your nearest clinic, often leaving the stress and strain of everyday lives and going away for treatment is more successful than juggling appointments around work and question from your family and friends. To read some of the many patient success stories please go to -

Today Barbados Fertility Centre makes its mark in the sands of time and though it was not feasible to do a party from country to country we raise our glasses to each of you around the world who have been a part of journey and to you we say thank you and here is to many more decades of success!”

BFC is a JCI accredited centre of excellence for IVF. This JCI Gold Seal of approval means that patients can rest assured on the high standards for patient safety and protocol.

Couples from the Caribbean are attracted to BFC because it offers world class treatment at affordable cost and has higher success rates than the USA and the UK. Couples from further a field such as the UK, Canada and the US are attracted to BFC because treatment costs are around a third of the price of private treatment in their home country and they also benefit from the beautiful and tranquil location. No matter where their patients come from one thing remains paramount for every patient and that is individulaised, professional and confidential care.

The ethos at Barbados Fertility Centre is to look at the entire medical history and even if they can only increase a couple’s chance by 1%, that 1% that 1% is a baby for someone.

They increase a couples chances by offering cutting edge techniques and procedures that may be not be offered as standard in many countries such as Vitrification – the fast freezing of embryo’s and eggs, pre implantation genetic screening to select the best quality of embryo for transfer, laser assisted hatched and their own unique Healthy Mind Body Program.

The Healthy Mind Body Program cements the whole IVF procedure where they combine the traditional medicine around holistic treatments such as acupuncture, reflexology, massage and sessions to cope with the emotions associated with IVF.

It is well documented that as stress levels go up, pregnancy rates go down, and in the last 10 years the team at Barbados Fertility Centre have perfected getting couples to unwind whilst undergoing treatment with them and this is reflected in their excellent success rates.

They also offer a number of tests to increase a couples chance of success that are not readily available or are not suggested by IVF clinics in a patients home country, this means many couples that they treat who have previously had failed IVF cycles see success on their first round of IVF with Barbados Fertility Centre.

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