Bajan Reporter’s day in Court? Watches Mede stroll by as Persians struggle with Metal Detector? #discrimination #judiciary #barbados #security #legal #courts #bridgetown

Ok, was invited for an event at the Supreme Court, mis-read the time and got a totally different story by getting waylaid in queue. Simplified version, next part?

Never liked discrimination – even to my advantage, if a bank has a teller for Gold or Platinum users? I feel like organising the villagers, torches and pitchforks!

When I was a kid at the Taylor’s Private Primary School and girls would slap the boys? I would lash the little, ahem, witches back and they’d start to scream – I would say to the girls, “Y’ALL WANT EQUAL RIGHTS WELL HERE’S EQUAL LEFT’S, I DIDN’T HIT YOU, SO DON’T START BY LASHING ME!

#barbados #judiciary #legal #courts #discrimination

I was going to park at a shop opposite the Supreme Court, but the owner was such a pig that even though I was going to shop afterwards at their place, I decided to move on - got a better bargain too! But at the Courts? I had to go all in the back by Staff parking and grab an unmarked plot, I mean seriously? Do we die and carry parking spots with us?

They complained to the parents who kvetched at the teachers and when they all spoke to my parents who supported me and understood I was provoked? Suddenly all the lashes stopped and both boys and girls were annoyed at me because now boys and girls were segregated! Who said truth is supposed to be fun?

Back to nowadays, I thought the assignment was 9:30 and reached for 9:00 and was in line for ten minutes because something is wrong with an X-ray Scanner at Barbados’ Supreme Court.

Its lone X-ray Scanner…

With five attorneys ahead of me, and another seven behind me – lawyers with full paraphernalia, the briefcases which look as though an encyclopedia can jump out. Why does the Supreme Court have ONE X-ray Scanner?

#barbados #judiciary #legal #courts #discrimination

Barbados used to be a place where its Prime Ministers could walk around and buy a rum, buy others more rum and not have a bodyguard in sight maybe even no chauffeur too... I mention it to ask if we really need all that TSA-like fascism? Now, we have a Court which if you must have scanners and metal-detector wands, then why for one queue? Why not have 3 stations? Pretty poor planning!

Furthermore, we’re not Jamaica and have Dudus, nor is it Trinidad with Dole Chadee, so why are we using a X-ray Scanner? Even if you pass it, you still have to get a wand with metal detection run over you – right?

Wait a minute!

Here comes an old dude who looks like Cab Calloway, he’s hauling a legal briefcase which could probably shatter the iceberg which sank the Titanic, it’s clearly made of old leather which has seen decades of courtroom drama… This morning, the man who’s probably in his very late 70’s just saunters past me and the longer line…

He strolls straight past the scanner then heads for the Metal Detector arch which immediately beeps and flashes red…

As Security smiles and waves, doing NOTHING? I bellow to get the attention of Security who look at me, grin uneasily and shrug? I start to ask how can Justice be dispensed if rules are not equally applied, that’s when a media colleague begs me to hush before I am ejected, he claims other guards are already sizing me up…

#barbados #judiciary #legal #courts #discrimination

No wonder there's a backlog of cases, if an old official can saunter by while everyone else must endure procedure then why should people feel to operate at peak capacity? Just jockey for position, see if you can bribe your way to being a Mede instead of a Persian, rules are for peasants!

The best thing is for me to come home and write about what I saw. One old Mede walks past regulation procedures while Persians pretend either nothing happened or if it did? No big deal! It’s really funny, since I made sure to leave my mobile in my car and have no nail-clippers on me, having heard horror stories for people who are going to pay the Courts money for records and refused entry due to jeans or sandals or other 21st Century tropical gear suited for Barbados, instead of hot and stuffy Colonial equipment designed for winter climes and bygone eras of oppression.

That’s another thing, be it Legal or Sporting or whoever – if you want Media Coverage why do you not assign and set aside Parking for those who have to rush in, set up video and audio then record and be expected to pack up again for next event like if we’re Usain Bolt on Red Bull and oh, nothing big, just don’t get in the way?

Why are tables for Media set so far from Lecturers? Sure we may have telephotos, those who can afford, but we rather have a ringside for when the speaker slips and speaks their mind or some other excitement. When I was at Sanitation, I always made sure the radio and tv personnel had next best seating after the Minister and if his entourage grumbled I simply said we can give Media poor seating and then the story will take four days to appear instead of overnight – that shut ’em up!

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  1. Slightly off topic, but why do they prioritise parking spaces at public buildings for staff by putting them right up by the entrance? A prime example is the VAT building where the public has to park way up at the back and walk down past rows of spaces reserved for every Tom, Dick and Harry on staff.
    Remind me again. Tax payers are in charge and public servants are our employees – is that right?


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