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You’re Excused while you Kiss the Sky: Channelling Pollock & Kahlo, Grenada raised Asher Mains infuses “Dreaducation” with Bob Marley’s lyrics

You’re Excused while you Kiss the Sky: Channelling Pollock & Kahlo, Grenada raised Asher Mains infuses “Dreaducation” with Bob Marley’s lyrics

CL Financial 006

What she was not quite so successful in overcoming was her strenuous love/hate relationship with Rivera, which came to occupy her time and her life almost as much as her painting.” – Roland E. Zwick, on the late Frida Kahlo – critiquing the Salma Hayek film of 2002

These not surprisingly were near his "Wings," permanent marker lightly sketched on the ground making the flight not just limited to the canvas, but even beyond 3D

As romantic as it may sound, the reality of suffering for one’s art is just that: Suffering. For realizing that vision and bringing it to fruition is more often than not an arduous and tortuous path to tread. Coalescing the fragments of that vision and transferring that information into reality can be a painful process…” – IMDb Review of Ed Harris as ‘Pollock‘ over a decade ago, Oscar nominated and award-winning depiction of the famous artist

Market Scene Fractal 2 by Asher Mains in Speightstown

One may take a look at Asher Mains and try to assume he may not suffer as an Artist, yes, he is at University but wouldn’t he rather have the mixed aromas of nutmeg and sea spray from Grenada as was his childhood, rather than the dry southern drawl of Texas?

'FLY' to the Gallery of Caribbean Art and BUY Asher's fractal of Bob Marley

Asher also is very aware his Caribbean he adores is not as laidback as it was or if it indeed was really so in the first place, maybe it is doing as it wanted for decades ago? Once Ye Merrie England released its clutches on this part of the world, once financially convenient? Isn’t the knowledge things were better and things could be even better yet a form of sufferance?

Detailed close up on one of Asher's works where his title character peachy has wings to soar above he trickery "Babylon" is known to do

This juxtapositioning of Dreaducation, as Asher calls his expertise, with the inspiration he seeks from an aphorism of Frida Kahlo are clues to the deeply embedded sarcasm within the title of his latest show, still in Barbados’ West Coast – called “Things Are Just Peachy In Babylon” now headlining at Speightstown’s Gallery of Caribbean Art… The dripping of Hung Liu and how Jackson Pollock let paint streak his work all are part yet augmentations of Asher’s own tapestries.

Meant to be sold separately, yet looking better as a triptych, these coffee sacks tell a powerful story

Asher was last in Bim about 2 years ago, then in Holetown as opposed to Speightstown, the muse on his shoulder was Hung Liu. In the months drifting between then and now, these words started to have a profound effect on not just his psyche but his output;- “What need have I of feet when there wings to fly?

Oh well, Lucifer was an angel too, right? LOL!

Frida Kahlo said this long before Asher Mains’ birth, but they stayed in the Dreadusphere to reach down and touch the Carib-American and forge a powerful alliance with the words and music of Bob Marley which also pervade Asher’s work.

Faces so detailed you swear you know them, part of Asher Mains versatility

The same way the Caribbean’s descendants of slaves made the remains of pork not used by Planters into a delicacy which transformed to Pudding & Souse, or taking cornmeal flour and making a Polenta like meal known as Cou-Cou and roasting Breadfruit which the European descendants initially felt was beneath their dignity…

Young man portrayed as Art – Asher as he greeted visitors to the Opening Night of his show, set to run for at least another week, red dots emerged on his work – meaning sales on his debut evening!

In this similar manner, Asher innovated and used what others saw as a limitation and made his show a creation which saluted not only Jackson Pollock or Hung Liu,  but in addition – Kahlo, Marley and the peoples of the Caribbean where influences are not standing alone side by side like mannequins in a department store window, but now one great shamanistic family larger than life; by using every space available at the Gallery and incorporating it as Art, be it the windows or the doors’ glass panes and even the very floor itself is all part of the exhibition!

Even as you exit, and you glance up at the Gallery, Bob Marley's face is looming outside – either admonishing or warning of the pitfalls of Babylon

When you head for Speightstown, make sure once you arrive at the Gallery of Caribbean Art, you get a picture taken at his wings which are an homage to Kahlo – stand on the “X” which is taped to the ground and feel the majesty which is Asher Mains – made in USA, yet son of the Caribbean!


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  1. lilo nido Avatar

    my heart beat is speedo, my adrenalin high. i love your works. rootsy and contemporary the caribbean beat of your island. you already have wings, did you ckeck on your back ?? .. they will bring you high, high, high…..
    i could not come to your show, made me sad. susan will give me the vibes how it was. i just love it. it is great.

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