Taan Abed disgusted with Ruling DLP – Seeks to run for Barbados riding as Independent: Says PM ineffective in quelling racial disarray of DEM’s

{ATTN – BAJAN REPORTER EXCLUSIVE} Paid a visit to Taan Abed after hearing rumours he would run as an Independent Candidate for Christ Church West Central whenever Elections are called…

When not campaigning, the former military man is known to fix cars at his residence which is not far from Hawthorne Methodist Church

The potential MP who’s been in the DLP for 35 years – 31 as a running nominee, confirmed he is angry how despite a landslide 86 to 5 he was ignored by the DLP’s Executive and instead was replaced by Verla Depeiza who only got a measly 5 votes to contest the riding of Ch Ch West Central even though his standings show an increase after each election.

Abed says he is only Candidate who has 2 Constituency Offices, one at his Rockley home and the other at Brittons Hill, he says he is on 24/7 call to represent his people

His rejection of the DEM’s dismissal of his years with Errol Barrow was readily apparent in his comments {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Abed cited how Verla Depeiza appeared in the Nation as though she assisted southern residents after Hurricane Tomas, what the story did not allude to was that she had to locate where the residences were since it was really Taan who helped neighbours.

Abed continues to canvas, his research indicates if he runs for BLP ticket he only secures 60% support yet if he assumes an Independent status, the mechanical engineer would earn 95% of all residents regardless of background or persuasion {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Taan Abed wants to know why what would get a Congressman or a Senator fired in the USA, here in Barbados is ignored by the Prime Minister – he says an Executive member says Parliament needs no Syrians, but Abed plans to prove the objector wrong.

The Ch Ch West Central shadow MP claims the process to choose Candidacy was flawed, how can those who lost decide what is the way forward for the DLP? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

George Pilgrim may be the DLP’s General Secretary but he has never won a seat; John Boyce may be a Cabinet Minister but he is far junior to Abed’s 35 years in the DLP… Abed wants to know if it’s hypocrisy or democracy which obtains for Barbados?

In his view, the few MP’s with any value include Chris Sinckler, Stephen Lashley and David Estwick but unless they or the Prime Minister actually dare to make a stand rather than wait for inertia to fill a vacuum, then he can no longer place his support in the DEM’s.

At his personal constituency office, he removed all other posters except his own and David Estwick, imagine - the only person left of value in the DEM's is a gun-slinger? Maybe they need a Posse and not Candidates?

Abed admits while the Bees have approached him, he says they have not agreed to his Terms and Conditions for him to consider switching – which he is keeping close to his chest in case they change their mind, nevertheless he feels his best option is to serve under neither allegiance yet continue to bear his riding’s interests at heart.

Financial support in the community, Abed claims, is overwhelming and therefore between that and earnings from his Mechanic’s practise he need have no worries to acquire goods and equipment to accomplish his civic duties.

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