(NC-17; Violence, Murder, Corpse) Barbadians killing Pets – Horror on South Coast: Animal Abuse was reason behind concrete pole

Got a Private Message on Facebook, called all parties involved and they agreed to share the information on condition their identities are not publicised, plus to clarify where these awful things happen is near to the Long Beach/Inch Marlow area and is in no way connected to nor near a popular business there but the district is close to where an annual concert is held, so let’s hear about why there appears to be a strong case for restricting access in this part of Barbados (You may well recall, a while back, ex-CANA now CARITEL’s Hallam Hope was in a hissy fit about one owner’s efforts to limit who drives and parks in that place, now we learn WHY – is it valid? Read on!)

ATTN: Used condoms, dead animals and graphic descriptions in this item

This story is not for the squeamish, ok? You've been warned!

I really want to get somewhere with this; it is not just about the murdered dog – it is also about trying as a community to get Bajans to come together & get the access area restricted. This will prevent most of this stuff happening…

ATTN: Used condoms, dead animals and graphic descriptions in this item

Should this be more common than the once original Flora & Fauna? Why is Denis Lowe not making sure this part connected to his constituency is cleaned up?

{I notified} (members of the Opposition), Gerald Cozier (BTA) & reported it to the Nation & RSPCA also called the Sanitation Service Authority’s Pet Patrol (4-ANIMAL/426-4625) but they still have not come to remove the dog yet?

I have just come back from my daily walk with my dog {by Inch Marlow}. I met with the guy that owns a house down there overlooking the sea. He is not from Barbados but fell in love with island & bought the property 5 years ago. He is now selling it…

ATTN: Used condoms, dead animals and graphic descriptions in this item

They look like something found in a Greeting Card, right? Well, not long after this picture was taken - they died. They and 4 others were abandoned in a plastic bag at Surfer's Point, left like if they are discarded Coke & Sprite bottles


Today there was a dead dog found in a bush along the pathway. Beaten to death by a piece of wire that is next to him & suffocated with a plastic bag over his head.

Dead or abandoned animals are found down there frequently. Six almost newborn kittens were found in a sack, too late – 4 dead and the remaining two died a few days later!

ATTN: Used condoms, dead animals and graphic descriptions in this item

Wonder what the heinous crime was? Barking too much? Existing? Bad day at work, blame the mutt? Well, this one don't have to worry about treatment like that ever again! “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi

Unwanted fridges, catamaran hulls are discarded amongst the bushes. Even though you are not meant to drive down there as it is private land (belonging to him) people constantly remove every attempt to stop this.

Every day people drive there on an night to engage in sexual acts. We know this by the amount of condoms & tissues that are left.

A policeman’s badge & wallet were found amongst the bushes… (Hope he was chasing one of the litterers?)

I see this daily and am embarrassed when I pass tourists walking there. {This neighbour} is leaving & with a bad taste & impression of Barbados & Bajans.

What we can we do? Who can I turn to?

Our island survives on Tourism & the people of this country are killing it slowly but surely.

As a business owner I am getting increasingly concerned by the lack of protection for our environment, our island, our livelihoods.

Any help or advice of who to take this too would be great.

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  1. Animals are better than the beast in Barbados that call themselves humans !

  2. Police need to do what they are supposed to do! They just don’t do enough here in Barbados. Parents PLEASE Educate your children about respect for the planet..Respect for life.

  3. This is an outrage!

  4. I think it’s mean how people treat animals like that.



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