Mia Mottley Vs Chris Sinckler? Owen offers Truce as Elections Loom for Barbados

There was a capacity audience at Haggatt Hall over the weekend when the current Opposition Barbados Labour Party held a Public Meeting urging the ruling DLP to demit office and hold fresh Elections.

"A Call For Justice" Haggatt Hall - 4 March 2012, Bds Labour Party Meeting

The St Peter MP made a comparison with what happened to CLICO's assets like what Pirates and Buccaneers did long ago with ships along the Spanish Main and by Tortuga

Quoting Oliver Cromwell in reference to the lack of momentum in Freundel Stuart’s administration, former PM Owen Arthur finally made a genuine effort to bridge the growing divide in the BLP by giving way to Mia Mottley to handle Chris Sinckler’s presentation of Estimates by 12 March 2012.

"A Call For Justice" Haggatt Hall - 4 March 2012, Bds Labour Party Meeting

One didn't know if you were in a field of Tomatoes or a sea of poppies the Red was overwhelming, thousands attended (some even claimed Social Transformation Minister Steve Blackett was behind the main event's stage)

Arthur also urged the media to call Mariano Browne (once head of Caribbean Commercial Bank and a subsequently a former Finance Minister for ex-PM of TT, Patrick Manning) and learn why a $75,000 cheque was issued to the BLP from a CLICO subsidiary, however the St Peter MP did not explain why it was deposited into his personal account instead of the war chest of the BLP for Electioneering.

The St Peter MP was innovative rather than hearkening to days of yore as he’s done on many recent occasions, he suggested any assets of Leroy Parris which were proven to be misappropriated should be frozen and divided accordingly. If all funds for all investors and pensioners cannot be provided then allow for claims against Land Tax or Income Tax (where applicable) for a stipulated period along with a pre-determined initial settlement.

Dale Marshall‘s offering to the crowd is always well modulated, he understands the microphone is amplification and therefore no need to shout in an already boosted signal – what was of concern is while he was not as vitriolic in his condemnation of the late David Thompson and his alleged involvement in the whole CLICO debacle (it is easy to pin evidence on a corpse) – at the same time he bordered on necrotic vilification; while Santia Bradshaw upheld the BLP’s desire to see Barbados as a Republic by slamming the Freundel Stuart regime for wasting $800,000 BBD when the Earl & Countess of Wessex visited on QE2’s behalf for her Jubilee observations globally.

"A Call For Justice" Haggatt Hall - 4 March 2012, Bds Labour Party Meeting

While Mr Marshall's awareness of how to use a microphone correctly is indeed pleasant change, nevertheless he needs to learn like Arthur & Mottley how to talk WITH the audience and not simply address a Crowd

Santia’s next step is to indicate what she has in mind for the riding she’s undertaken to wrest from the current DLP & HamiltonRe-Tread Lashley

"A Call For Justice" Haggatt Hall - 4 March 2012, Bds Labour Party Meeting

At one point there was a heckler and the BLP women nearly shredded the man - it reminded me how Apaches used to let their women and children torture their enemies

When Mia Mottley came on stage, supporters publicly welcomed her like a prodigal daughter after Arthur’s revelation of her significant contribution to this year’s Estimates… While presenting a unified front for Elections which are not constitutionally due until April 2013, Ms Mottley says the way of handling Politics like the 60’s or 70’s is past overdue and saying or doing nothing about mounting problems does not mean they are not remaining to be handled.

She made a stirring comparison to how Denis Lowe as Environment Minister has done precious little for his Portfolio yet receives a Ministerial salary while if a road crew has two men who do nothing (even if because a Supervisor did not give them assignments) then the weakest links of the team are sent home without pay, if discipline is to be handed out then it should be across the board and not apportioned based on affiliation.

"A Call For Justice" Haggatt Hall - 4 March 2012, Bds Labour Party Meeting

In a way, Ms Mottley has endured similar hardships to Greek Mythology's Cassandra, daughter of Agamemnon, who would make correct predictions which no one believed 'til after the fact; which is what happened when Mia made a No Confidence motion in 2009 against David Thompson who accused her of being seditious

The former Opposition Leader (removed in an unexpected 2010 coup by a cadre of MP’s whose seats were narrowly won) expressed concern over the growing number of formerly affluent Barbadians who now have to decide which Bill to pay at the end of the month, these once prosperous Middle Class have to dodge Collectors and lay wake in the small hours trying to find ways to make ends meet.

Mottley told the huge gathering this was why the BLP came to the rescue in the 50’s, 70’s and 90’s and are willing to do so again; However – she sees such a success by the removal of Political tribalism and Racial Stereotypes and allowing every Bajan to come forward and provide solutions once they have value and merit and put money back in the hands of the people.

"A Call For Justice" Haggatt Hall - 4 March 2012, Bds Labour Party Meeting

Senator Bradshaw needs to make her own agenda rather than simply rely on Hamilton Lashley's foibles, she does not have much time to carry out her intentions - since Elections can be any moment

This MP is their strongest card in the deck – during 1994 to 2007 (where she took over a riding previously thought to’ve been a DEM stronghold), she has moved from Senator to Sports, Education & Culture Minister to Attorney General and Economic Affairs apart from Deputy Prime Minister and handled all posts with equal alacrity and competence as proved by the way she quashed the inmates’ uprising from the 2005 Glendairy Jail Riot and had them moved from Station Hill to St Lucy almost overnight.

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