Is REDjet a symptom of Freundel Stuart’s Inertia? Is another 1937 around the corner before Government awakes? #barbados #disaster #travel #flyredjet #insurance #britain #grenada

In 1983, when the Cold War was at its most frigid betwixt CCCP/USSR and the USA,  it held ramifications for the Caribbean – Grenada under Maurice Bishop was clearly aligning to Cuba… Havana in turn, favoured Moscow, which is essentially in America’s backyard, as they’re only a hefty spit away from Key West and Florida.

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He was offered the post of Lifetime Generalissimo of Worldwide Procrastinators, but Freundel Stuart is yet to return their calls

Not waiting for anyone, JMGM “Tom” Adams contacted Eugenia Charles (not a Dame yet) and they agreed to alert the United States, that’s when Ronald Wilson Reagan wasted no time once called by Barbados in sending troops, since it obviously did not want another Missile Crisis like 1962…

What does this have to do with present-day Barbados? The point is Adams took action, he did not speak at length or pretend to be concerned, Barbados’ 2nd leader made one consultation and then immediately implemented his decision, can you see Freundel Stuart handling the Intervention of Grenada in October 1983?

This is the same Stuart who said Alexandra’s impasse will have a five-step plan and the educatORs (gotta call ’em that, the OR is for OR whuh?) resuming duties after nearly three weeks away from students who need coaching for CXC’s which is now even closer, as this was the FIRST step and it’s over six weeks while Barbados waits for step’s 2 through 5?

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Let's hope Jeff Broomes not only updated his CV but is not holding his breath waiting for the remaining steps of restoring Alexandra Secondary?

Most PM’s in Barbados are known for overdoing the Press Conference thing, has Freundel? Apart from Christmas, New Year’s and official addresses, there have been two statements and one “interview” (sure, them scripts questions sounded sOOooOO spontaneous) with CBC’s Rosemary ‘Poet, Prophet & Scholar’ Alleyne.

Even Errol “Skipper” Barrow had a fairly open relationship with the Bajan Media, the same Tom Adams and David Ellis clashed openly and regularly in Conferences both TV and Radio, where all Media houses were invited and questions were sometimes invented on the spot!

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If either Ian or Robbie Burns are reading this, for God's sake go to Castries or Georgetown or St John's where they want you, all we ask is you keep the Bajans on board employed - please?

Barbados is supposed to be on a growth path of 1% per annum while Tourism arrivals increase as their spending does not, yet this is a second consecutive year where Unemployment Benefits have been extended from six months to 40 weeks – 26 at 60% of earnings while the remaining 14 at 40% of earnings and we’re supposed to use NIS profits to shore up Four Seasons’ resort which is yet to see fruition (Just what is Avinash Persaud doing with his consultancy fee by the way??); this as CLICO and its policyholders continue to wade in Limbo – in fact, for many it appears the Barbados court has its rules changed to suit the needs of those who are subpoena’d; Al Barrack still feels frivolous and vexatious waiting for his $62 million plus interest; and Permanent Secretaries stationed in International Business are allowed to hold significant posts in LIAT while REDjet implodes from a lack of a level playing field which Ralph “Bizzy” Williams warned since November last year!

It is no surprise that a growing majority of Barbadians are drawing similar conclusions over Stuart, since many claim both he and David Thompson did not get along while David was alive, it appears “Fumble” is hoping to destroy anything Thompson set up by using the deadly assault of inertia, by doing nothing then nothing good can follow?

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Unemployed Bajans? Angry voters, can you live with that oh "Fumble"?

Seriously, Freundel Stuart, by destroying a whole nation, does this make you feel better? You even claimed heads would roll for a Coup that never was (yet clearly should have been), and the worst that happened is if you head for another junket leave the island, you appoint Richard Sealy as Acting PM while Ronald Jones is left in the wings looking after the Barbados Football Association (he surely cannot be handling Education or Alexandra would not have dragged so, but then he was following his Leader) which really conflicts with his capacity as a sitting MP.

How did it feel, O “Fumble,” when the same Richard Sealy rebuked Government for allowing REDjet to be in a similar case of stasis as the PM? This is what BGIS just quoted;-

“Events drive regional visitors and we all know right now, with all that is happening and our other challenges with respect to regional travel, that we also need to have more events to attract [regional tourists]…It is not often realised that the Caribbean is actually our third largest source market, Canada is our 4th – it’s the U.K., U.S. and CARICOM [that are our main revenue generators]. So getting traffic to come here around events is important,” Mr. Sealy underscored.

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Your buddy, your client - oh Freundel/Fumble - sold policies when told not to, he managed to get a warrant quashed... Angry policyholders and vex pensioners? It means voters with an Axe to grind, ye olde Prime Minister, you listening?

Directly addressing REDjet airline’s suspension of flights since March 17, the Tourism Minister said “…the cost of travel in this region is simply prohibitive. I am told that there are some discussions on with respect to other players and we may be able to get some specials around the Reggae Festival. Certainly the resources of the Barbados Tourism Authority will be working feverishly behind that effort.

“Obviously, with the (suspension of flights from) REDjet, and the way the fares have gone right back up in the air, it is a big problem. I sincerely hope that once and for all we can come up with a meaningful, long-term resolution for that situation…I sincerely hope that something can be done to get REDjet back up in the air; and if in the unfortunate case REDjet flies no more, I would sincerely hope that another venture along those lines can come into reality very soon so that the consumers of Barbados, and the rest of the Caribbean can benefit,” Mr. Sealy stressed.

While elements in Trinidad sought to lay obstacles for REDjet, it seems the people of the Caribbean want what the Governments do not – open skies? Here’s what Newsday in Port Of Spain said;-

Thanks to a Caribbean Community (Caricom) that is in hapless disarray, and doesn’t seem to have a clue about how it should go about setting up the infrastructure for a properly coordinated travel system among its member states.

And the announced failure on the weekend of the region’s first and only Low Fare Airline (LFA), Barbados-based REDjet, is cruel testimony to this Caricom failing.

And while it can be argued that it was not Caricom’s doing, (REDjet’s failure that is), the very strategic roadblocks put up by the regulatory bodies of individual governments, seemed aimed at ensuring the airline never even got off the ground.

But it gets worse. Can anyone give a good and proper reason why Caribbean Airlines’ application seeking permission to operate flights between Grantley Adams International, Barbados and St Lucia has not yet been granted by the Barbadian authorities after almost a year? There is a deafening silence from Bridgetown on this issue.

REDjet suffered a similar fate when its application to operate the same route – Barbados/St Lucia/Barbados – remained in some officer’s in tray for months.

The fact that it was recently granted was obviously too little too late, but then maybe that was the intention.

And REDjet was Barbados’ designated national carrier.

Many Bajans seem to want REDjet to fail despite or because of Govenment’s inactivity – yet truly intelligent people will wonder… How is low-fares carrier RyanAir still in the skies? Why are economical counterparts Northwest and Southwest in the USA still zipping about, inclusive of Celebrity Victimisation (Kevin Smith & Seating)? How do EU or USA Governments assist or how do these Low Fare Carries thrive?

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Barbados is on a GROWTH path? Seriously? Who told you to say so, Pinocchio? Or Barbados is on a growth path by Tom Thumb's or a bonsai tree's standards?

Ask CAL the ridiculous concessions all regional governments made about Fuel Surcharges for them, approvals that take no time for LIAT or CAL are dragged on as REDjet will NOTgrease squeaky wheels” – ask which inter-island service has staff who deliberately leave off luggage since the hold has so much room and do with impunity, they are aviation civil servants, believing they are immune to sacking!

Why is Gabrielle Springer, a Permanent Secretary in Barbados, apparently affiliated to LIAT?

  • LIAT Directors of (Barbados)

Mr. Trevor Mayers
Mrs. Gabrielle Springer-Taylor
Mr. Grantley Smith

If indeed accurate, is this not a blatant CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the whole sordid mess? Should she not resign from the Civil Service for holding two similar posts simultaneously?

In turn, George Hutson, if aware of such a mistake and took no disciplinary action, should be made to demit his Cabinet Portfolio, you cannot be buying planes for LIAT and in turn telling REDjet fend for yourself when Government already granted it Designated Carrier status!

After World War 2, then UK leader Winston Churchill expressed his gratitude to the RAF regarding the Battle Of Britain – “Never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few.” This can in no way be used for the Government of Barbados right now, if anything, the following is far more accurate – Never has so little done, done so much damage by one with so little inclination.

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{Ian McClean Bourne, b. 1923 at extreme left in seminar at Trinidad} I was named for my Uncle who lied on his age to fight in WW2 at the age of 17, he was one of the first to fly a Spitfire, he helped make The Tunnel in Colditz and had he survived 1953 he'd've been one of UK's youngest Squadron Leaders ever for assisting in the Battle Of Britain - if he knew how Barbados would devolve now? I think he'd get a Spitfire and strafe Bay Street, the way I feel now? I may help him with extra bandoliers!

Stasis is said by some to afflict certain males who ‘dry up‘ while in a public Urinal, it is said the same Churchill was so afflicted… The way so many Bajans are pissed off at “Fumble” Stuart one can only wonder if Barbados’ 7th leader is similarly afflicted? What an ironic malady, stasis – another word for inertia… How long before 1937 reappears, will you then do something PM Stuart?

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