Misick Turks Caicos

Former Turks and Caicos PM has visited Dominican Republic frequently #turkscaicos #fugitive #asylum #santodomingo #misick #lisaraye

Former Turks and Caicos PM has visited Dominican Republic frequently #turkscaicos #fugitive #asylum #santodomingo #misick #lisaraye

Misick Turks Caicos

Sources at the Migration Department have confirmed to El Caribe journalists that former , had entered and departed the DR several times after leaving the post in Turks & Caicos.

The source could not say whether Misick is currently in the DR. The source says it only learned that Misick was being sought by the authorities after reading about it in the press.

#fugitive #misick #lisaraye #santodomingo #asylum
{FILE IMAGE VIA: UK Guardian} We doubt he's this happy now… Misick said he is not a fugitive from the law. He did not name the third country where he has applied for political asylum.

reports that the former premier says he is seeking political asylum from persecution by British investigators who are looking into corruption allegations under his tenure.

On Monday, the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) in the Turks and Caicos Islands said it has obtained an Interpol arrest warrant for Misick, who is wanted for questioning as part of its ongoing two-year-old investigation.

Misick quickly responded in a press statement, accusing the British of “” against “me and my family, former cabinet ministers and their families and a select few developers who supported me and my Progressive National Party during my tenure as premier.”

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