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First Citizens’ Barbados Open faces Major Challenge: Bruce Bayley in Accident; Possibly sidelined for Balance of Season, maybe longer

First Citizens’ Barbados Open faces Major Challenge: Bruce Bayley in Accident; Possibly sidelined for Balance of Season, maybe longer

Bulova 002

Huge get well wishes to former Olympic Yachtsman, Insurance innovator and Polo enthusiast Bruce Bayley. In the first two minutes of play over the weekend, Bruce experienced the full force of those Weapons of Mass Destruction, the brawny sinews which are the triceps and biceps of Cheshire’s Oli Taylor – which this Online newspaper spoke to a few years back…

Bulova in blue while Heineken's jerseys are white like the foam on top of beastly cold stein!

{2009Cheshire was quick to draw first blood and via the powerful biceps of Oli (Taylor), wielding his mallet like Thor’s Mjolnir

In the front row – Alphea Wiggins from BARP is stylish in a pale blouse and creamy skirt with large sunshades

Oli (has a Handicap of 4 which is high and so that’s good for Polo) did a backhand which caught Bruce, who was unfortunately close behind, full in the mouth (busted jaw, now wired – it remains uncertain if teeth will be kept or bridges made for future use) and the ambulance had to rush off immediately! Vitamin E, Calcium, and lots of prayers for Bruce… I may refer to Cheshire’s Oliver as Thor, but others know him as Bam-Bam like the Flintstones!

The Rovers were definitely out of Range on Sunday

The first match was a wash-off against the Range Rovers, it was a pure shut out of 8 over 2, where Oli got 4 while Jack Kidd (also has handicap of 4) earned three goals and Stewart Gill pulled off the remaining 1 goal which caused the Range Rovers to park at only a paltry 2.

The next set of Chukkas is at Barbados' Mecca for Polo – Holders on Thursday!

The next set of Chukkas was pure nail biting as each side kept topping the other right down to the end – Heineken against Bulova… When the last horn was sounded? 9 to 8 meant Heineken were capped and Bulova lived up to their name in Barbados!

Local realtor Bajan Services is now headed by Judith Wilcox, formerly of Virgin Atlantic and REDjet

Pablo Crespin (also at a level of 3) had a good 40th Birthday as he earned 2 for the popular beverage, but this was not enough foam for the brew to keep ahead of Bulova who cleaned their clocks by a single point!

So I saw an unusual customer at the bar, kept expecting Professor Calculus or Captain Haddock to drop in?

Their victory was not easily taken, the match fell into Sudden Death and it was Dave Allen (Handicap 6, highest in this tournament, although Barbados has had resident 8’s and 9’s here a few years back) whose skills in that chukka seemed like a Ballet for Centaurs as he scored the shot which got Bulova to put Heineken at the bottom of that set.

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